Advanced Setups For Weed

Learning all the basics of weed growing which are completely and clearly detailed in Marijuana Growing E-book is just the beginning of an exciting farming venture. If you think you have mastered the essentials, you can still do much more. A comprehensive illustrated guide on how to set up advanced systems like Sea of Green (SOG), Screen of Green (SCROG), BOG, Jungle of Green and many others are all in this e-book. Learn why there are different advanced setups for weeds and how they can be done easily. This e-book will help you find new and improved ways to produce extremely large buds with the best smokes.

I am a veteran marijuana grower but I believe that learning is continuous and new ideas are constant. With the Marijuana Growing E-book I am able to catch up with the new technologies in weed growing and it keeps me knowledgeable and conversant about this craft. This e-book is highly recommended to all serious growers.


Once the basics are accomplished of growing weed, if you haven’t mastered it all the tips and techniques are in the book and when ready there are the advanced setups. These can improve the weed growth and the buds.

Learn how to set up a complete SCROG cabinet, with a step by step guide that has all there is to know about setting up a unique way to produce ounces of potent quality weed every month. Find out how to do this in an easy to follow guide on page 414.

Sea of Green, learn what it is, find out how it is done and learn why it is done. Find out how many plants are needed, learn how to space plants and find answers to any other questions on page 386.

Know what the two greatest strains are to try for growing an excellent Sea of Green and find out where to get them. The results are super and will not disappoint the grower with expert recommendations on page 409.

See the guide that has detailed information and illustrations that will allow growers to have a Sea of Green and learn about growing large top colas to have dense buds at harvest that have long orange hairs and sticky with THC. This is done in a small grow space and to learn about it step by step with the illustrated guide that can make a new grower a pro quickly on page 392.

Want to know how much a SCROG will produce when harvested? Learn about the amount of weed that can be grown fast on page 412.

Learn about top colas, what is a cola and why bigger is better on page 378.

See the information guide to learn all about Scrogging and hydroponics on page 398.

Learn from an expert about SCROG growing, find out what matters, how to produce an extreme amount of buds even as a first time grower that look great and will smoke even better on page 399.

Find out why overcrowding is frustrating for the SCROG grower and the top 6 ways to solve the problem, plus the issues that can occur on page 401.

Learn about lighting and SCROG to find out everything you will need to know to be successful in an easy to understand format on page 402.

Learn about the advantages of larger lights when growing SCROG on page 403.

Find out what the disadvantages are of larger lights for SCROG on page 403.

Learn about SCROGGING screen control, weight, shape, height and branch development. Find out what has to be done before smoking the dense 2L coke bottle top colas on page 403.

Use the pre-training step by step guide for SCROG to learn how to do it right the first time to grow weed that has a dank smell and sticky crystal covered buds in a way that is easy for any grower on page 404.

Find out what strain can have an incredible yield and is great to use with SCROG growing on page 394.

See the comprehensive step by step illustrated guide for the hydroponic Sea of Green setup, which includes setting up the system, running it and all the other information you need to know for a successful weed harvest on page 406.

Find out what VSCROG is, what it isn’t and how to with pictures included on page 410.

Learn about BOG grow, to be successful, to grow fast and have buds that are sticky and light on page 411.

Find out what two BOG methods can produce potent weed on page 411.

Learn how to spiral train weed and see the buds that are heavy on page 411.

Find out what the Jungle of Green is on page 413.

See the comparison between Srogging in soil verses hydroponics, find out what the pros and cons are on page 405.

This e-book is worth reading from cover to cover. There is not a dull and boring chapter because each keeps feeding you new discoveries even if you think you already know much about growing marijuana. It is very well-written and easy to comprehend not to mention the vibrant illustrations and lively photographs.



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