All about Hashish

What is Hashish? The focus of marijuana growing is almost always about the buds. The truth is all the parts of cannabis plant have useful purposes. You will learn all about hashish and how to make it in Marijuana Growing E-book. Find out what is made of, what it is for and how to use it. Learn how to make flavoured hashish which is actually extracted from the excess leaves of your cannabis plant. The long lasting high of this very potent marijuana form is discussed in details in the book. Make full use of this wonder hemp; get a copy of the e-book now.

Growers put a lot of time, labor, risk and money into their marijuana crop that it they should not ignore the utilization of shake, which is the excess leaves. The process will involve removing the THC resin from the crystal covered leaves that are removed from the plant when pruning.

I became an instant expert electrician with this e-book! I don’t have to worry about electrical shocks. All that I needed to know about proper installation as well as identifying the important parts of an electrical installation are laid out and explained.


There are some easy to use techniques that are outlined in the book to make it simple to learn about hash extraction that will provide the grower with some of the most potent marijuana forms known.

Read the introduction to making hashish on page 191.

Learn what hash is and how to use it on page 592.

Learn about hashish production on page 592.

Find out the right way to make hashish on page 594.

Have questions? Learn what hashish is on page 593.

Learn about smoking hash for a long lasting high on page 595.

Find out what the Moroccan hash rating system is on page 595.

Learn what skuff is and how to prepare it correctly on page 565.

Find out what tools are necessary to make hashish on page 596.

Learn what the perfect scuffing environment is to make great hashish on page 596.

I have got a lot of questions about hashish and I found the best answer from your e-book. From introduction to the last part of the chapter, there is no redundancy of the information. It is one of the most informative books I have read. Hats off to the writer of this book.




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