Basic Lighting Techniques

Growing marijuana indoor requires the use of lights to substitute the need of your weed plant for sunlight. It is also used to manipulate the growth of your plants. But simply installing lights without following the technical specifications as well as the needed safety precautions may expose you and your household to fire hazard caused by faulty electrical wiring. Getting a licensed electrician to do it for you is not advisable not only because of the cost involved but also due to the secretive nature of your weed growing venture. Our e-book will show how you should properly install electrical wirings in your grow room in just few simple steps.

You’ll find 14 steps of what to do with your wattage and how to make your electricity bill very low so that the electric company won’t start getting curious about what you’re doing.

I became an instant expert electrician with this e-book! I don’t have to worry about electrical shocks. All that I needed to know about proper installation as well as identifying the important parts of an electrical installation are laid out and explained.


Learn and find out about the amps and how to stop them from blowing the house circuit. Pg. 120

WARNING: Being safe with Electric; which also includes at least 22 different ways of how you can be rest assured that you’ll never have a problem with worrying about the firemen and the police finding your house that looks like it might be growing marijuana plants in a closet or another location in the house. Pg. 125

Find out how you can safely run lights on one circuit for the house with a standard that is single. Pg. 120

How to covert the watts and amps in a very easy way. Pg 120

How to make sure that the breaker stays cool at all times and learn when you need to check it out and worry about it. Pg 120

Learn about GFCI’s and what people use them for and if you need to use it. Pg. 121

Learn How to convert and change the sockets in a detailed way. Pg. 121

WARNING: It might send up a red flag when you have to pay the monthly electric bill and it goes up very fast over night. Some people might start questioning as to why this is happening and become nosy about it. Before you know it people might be pounding on the door with a warrant. Learn and figure out what to do ahead of time so you do not EVER have to worry about this happening to you, even if you have a gargantuan lighting system set up there are still ways to not get caught with growing marijuana.

No more electrical mess in my grow room. It’s so easy to follow the directions given in the e-book. It really helped me a lot on how to economize and save on my electrical bills. You should not miss to get this e-book for all your marijuana growing needs.




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