Today, there really isn’t much that can surprise us anymore. With all the different technologies and innovations taking place, it is quite common to see the various ways in which marijuana is being utilized in certain areas. One such example is the use of cannabis as a medicinal alternative. Up until recent years, marijuana has colloquially been frowned upon by society. But in this day and age, we see people left and right making use of medical marijuana to treat their various health conditions. Find out more about marijuana strains for pain.

A prime example of the use of medical marijuana for treating certain conditions is for providing pain relief. Now, some people may be reluctant to believe that cannabis contains healing properties that help soothe pain levels and discomfort. So how exactly does this work? Can cannabis really treat pain?

How Cannabis Provides Pain Relief:

As many of you know, the cannabis plant contains chemical compounds known as cannabinoids that are mainly responsible for the majority of the effects that you will typically get from marijuana consumption. Out of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in marijuana, the two main drivers are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) compounds. When recreational users and medical patients consume marijuana, one of the main effects caused by these two compounds is the physical buzz and relaxation of muscles. People often report that the soothing and therapeutic sensation induced by THC and CBD work effectively in mitigating any symptoms of chronic pain. In fact, studies in the USA and Canada have stated that around 90% of people who use medical marijuana strains for pain relief consider it to be highly effective. 

Other types of pain that marijuana is frequently used for include: arthritis, headaches, migraines, back pains, inflammations, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, and many more. In addition to this, cannabis consumption has also been reported to influence a healthier lifestyle as it has reduced the use of opioids and other medical substances with adverse effects.

Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief:

  • Purple Kush Marijuana Strain (THC: 17% to 27%)

Purple Kush, also known as Purple Hindu Kush, is a 100% Indica strain that is primarily known for the soothing and relaxing physical sensations that you get with each hit. The name refers to the elegant hues of purple that you will normally notice in its leaves and buds during cultivation. The Purple Kush strain is a great choice for medical patients who are looking for pain relief. Being pure Indica guarantees that this strain will provide a strong, relaxing physical sensation that helps reduce feelings of inflammation and stressed muscles. However, the high potency levels should be dealt with carefully as it may have counter effects and cause paranoia to those who aren’t used to high THC levels.

  • ACDC Marijuana Strain (THC: 0.85%, CBD: 20%)

Oftentimes, medical patients wish to make use of a cannabis plant’s medical properties without having to undergo the psychoactive effects of the drug. Well, the answer to those worries is this right here: the ACDC marijuana strain. Despite being named after one of the hardest rocking punk bands of all time, this medical concoction will do little to alter your mind and senses. In fact, the almost non-existent THC level almost guarantees that medical patients will have no psychoactive effects at all. Instead, the strong physical sensations that the ACDC strain induces due to the CBD content is perfect for medical purposes including pain relief. The clearheaded feeling you get is also useful in getting rid of any headaches and migraines. Additionally, muscle spasms and chronic pains will immediately vanish as you gradually start smoking a joint of this frequently. 

  • Harlequin Marijuana Strain (THC: 4% to 10%, CBD: 6% to 15%)

As one of the few marijuana strains that deliver an almost equal THC to CBD ratio, the Harlequin is truly a great choice for any medical patient out there. It is particularly useful in lowering arthritis and pain levels that one experiences frequently. As such, Harlequin works best as an everyday strain that users would take during the morning in order to calm their bodies and help them ease through the activities that they have lined up. This ensures users that they will be stress-free during the whole day with little to no pain levels and discomfort. 

  • Cannatonic Marijuana Strain (THC: 7%, CBD: 12%)

You can’t have a list of the top medical strains without including the famed Cannatonic. Often described as the best medical marijuana strain that there is, the Cannatonic provides countless medical benefits while also inducing a subtle yet enjoyable psychoactive high. It is often used to treat more serious conditions such as severe back pains and joint inflammations, as well as consistent chronic pains that have been going on for months.

  • CBD Critical Mass Marijuana Strain (THC: 5% to 10%, CBD: 5% to 10%)

The CBD Critical Mass is a marijuana hybrid that focuses mainly on providing a clear-headed high that releases any stress and pressure that is built up in a user’s head and temple. As such, it is the perfect solution to treating migraines and headaches that may be caused by various activities. The high CBD content also induces a relaxing and therapeutic sensation that calms the muscles and removes any discomfort that you may be feeling due to spasms and aches. Overall, the CBD Critical Mass does well in giving users an alternative to seeking pain relief.

  • Shurman Marijuana Strain (THC: 7%, CBD: 15%)

The Shurman marijuana strain isn’t as common as other classic strains out there. It does, however, provide a unique and effective medical high that you can’t get anywhere else.  With a CBD level that is twice as much as the THC content, the Shurman strain will provide all sorts of effects with its high. A few hits of this strain and you are immediately hit with a powerful rush of physical sensations that calm your mind and body. The tightness that you may be feeling in your joints and lower back will gradually disappear as you continue taking hits of this strain. It is a great choice for those who want to stay away from strains that are too overwhelming. 

  • Cataract Kush Marijuana Strain (THC: 20% to 25%)

The Cataract Kush is a great recreational strain that can be utilized for medical purposes due to its intoxicatingly high THC levels. The strong and hard-hitting effects of this Kush variant will undoubtedly provide users with a mentally stimulating high coupled with powerful body buzzes. Because it is a pure Indica strain, you will surely get a kick out of the physical sensations that it will send your way. The thick and full-bodied smoke will also cloud your mind with a very trippy feeling that gets rid of any discomfort in your temples. Get ready to bid all your worries goodbye as you start taking hits from this power-puncher. 

Cannabis is definitely a top choice for medical marijuana patients all across the world. With so many health benefits that it is able to produce, people will surely be happy with the way it impacts the body. Of course, it is all about knowing what you need and using the right strain for your conditions. For effective pain relief, make sure to check the listed marijuana strains for pain above in order to get the best experiences possible with medical weed. They are sure to give you great pain-killing effects that will make you appreciate the wonders of the cannabis plant.