Although there are some potheads out there that have to battle the cravings as one of marijuana’s adverse effects, there are others for whom this adverse reaction is medicinal. Marijuana may be a significant therapy for those who suffer nausea or losing weight due to a health condition, both to alleviate nausea and to promote the best marijuana strain to gain weight. To find out about how to gain weight with marijuana, read this post. As a way to control their appetite and promote weight gain, there are many medical patients out there who use marijuana. A prevailing misconception of marijuana consumers is that they still have the munchies. A body of research suggests that long-term marijuana use can lead to the best marijuana strain to gain weight, especially in men. That said its effects on weight vary according to the strain of the plant, the dosage, the route of administration, and the rate of use.

Appetite Stimulation

Cannabis affects the neurobiological pathways that regulate appetite, whether smoked or consumed, causing the “munchies” to increase temporarily. According to a 2015 report by the Yale University School of Medicine, activation of the THC-acted CB1 receptor enhances feeding habits and results in decreased neuronal activity essential for feelings of satiety. The result is significant and one which can be used to stimulate appetite in people who have cancer, severe HIV infection, and other extreme medical conditions in medical practice. 

That being said, appetite stimulation does not really translate automatically into gaining weight. Marijuana can help stifle weight loss within the HIV community but does nothing to reverse the waste that can follow serious illness. What this means is that in many cannabis users, appetite stimulation is just part of what causes the best marijuana strain to gain weight.

How does cannabis affect appetite?

The very first point of view from which we can explain how cannabis will help you to gain weight is how it impacts your diet. In the human brain, there is now an endocannabinoid pathway, suggesting that there are cannabinoids that are absolutely normal to and produced by the body. The majority of central nervous system interaction is essential for this endocannabinoid system, and appetite is perhaps one of the most significant functions. The receptor appears to be the most frequently activated during a marijuana experience that provides anyone with munchies. This transmitter triggers an urge to eat by affecting areas of the brain that regulate the calorie intake of the body meaning the part of you that decides when you are full. There is also a part of the mind that after eating, is responsible for making people feel better, called the reward center, which is triggered during the stimulation of the receptor. Finally, and probably the most popular symptom of munchies, the food is a lot more appealing when you’re stoned. That’s because the transmitter also discusses the limbic forebrain, which makes the food taste good. This ultimately leads to the fact that feeding is a greater task when stoned, and all the centers that would usually function when someone is hungry are overdriven in the drug experience. In addition, the appetite increases for a short period of time after smoking marijuana.

Best Marijuana Strain on Gaining Weight

  • Amnesia Haze

This is a different giant in the cannabis world. This stems from the original Haze genes with Holland roots, which would then be used by an American breeder to structure Amnesia Haze. It is Indica-heavy and offers an unbelievably powerful good compared to a THC level of 22 percent. Multiple hits from a joint or bong instantly light up the brain, seemingly improving cognitive abilities and opening the gates to encourage imagination. This high lasts for longer but eventually tapers into more of a stone of the body, which emerges when the munchies come with great intensity. 

This high is even more enjoyable because of the aromatic and citrus flavors that incorporate each inhalation. Medium CBD levels take the emphasis off the intensity of psychoactivity and add to the interaction a calming vibe. Amnesia Haze is an ideal of both indoor and outdoor producers because of its rising effectiveness. Plants are grown indoors with maximum flowering within 10-11 weeks, achieving heights around 80-140 cm and churning out 600-650g / m2. Plants grown outdoors can reach an altitude of 210 cm when harvesting time is right around in late October, producing high yields of up to 700g / manufacturing facility.

Amnesia Haze Strain Review: Scent, Taste, and Appearance

Its pungent aromatic fragrance that fills up every room it appears to be in is perhaps the most daunting note of the Amnesia Haze aroma. These aromatic notes slowly start to merge into indications of orange, lemon, and even sometimes pine, producing an overall appearance that is full-bodied and well-rounded. AH’s taste is similar to the smell but has a touch of a tastier hint that brings the taste buds out of their own dimension. The smoke of this strain of cannabis is smooth and creamy, quick to pass into the lungs, with very little discomfort included, as long as you buy a good quality sample. Amnesia Haze looks stunning also with its typical arrangement of hues, with sugar leaves that are grey, the shade of green in appearance. There are smooth pistils (tiny hairs) between both the frosty, crystalline leaves, which curl and combine all over the buds. This crop develops moderate to high in height and has a branch structure similar to a Sativa, with several separate colas spreading from one, high-growing stem.

Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Sadly, one requirement that Amnesia Haze falls short of is its capacity to expand. This strain of cannabis is not the easiest to grow, as its development is mainly reserved for established growers (or those who genuinely seek a challenge). The Amnesia Haze crop is a bit of a contradiction. 

This may be an acceptable solution. Of course, most people are not fortunate enough to live in these circumstances, so it can be hard to replicate them indoors since the relative humidity needs to be held down when there is still enough sun. Indoor yields are about 21 ounces of bud per square meter on average, while outdoor yields are about 25 ounces per plant on a slightly larger average. All in all, Amnesia Haze is a task, but in the end, you’ll be satisfied with this tasty and therapeutic strain if you are interested in taking on such a project.

Amnesia Haze Strain Review: The High

Unlike the name indicates, you’re not really going to get Amnesia Haze so high and out of your mind that you’re going to start losing everything. On the opposite, it appears to stimulate an interest in artistic outlets, triggering motivational spikes, and productive energy. Amnesia Haze cannabis, nevertheless, mainly acts as a potent medication, giving those who try it a big smile. Anticipate lots of good giggles and to experience a euphoric, blissful feeling. While AH is energizing, as many of the other Haze strains are not almost as hyper-inducing, making it make developing for an after-work social occasion or evening party, since it will give you just about enough energy to push through, but not so much that afterward, you would not be able to sleep. Even better eat Amnesia Haze when you pick me up in the morning or mid-afternoon, so you can have the ability to keep going forward.

Medical Benefits of Amnesia Haze

While a number of medicinal cannabis patients use Amnesia Haze, its most common use is possibly by patients with mood disorders. Mood disorders can be extremely crippling, making living in daily life impossible, but Amnesia Haze is here to relieve, and that’s precisely what it does. With the aid of Amnesia Haze, which provides insight and keeps bringing up happiness and contentment, joy, and a generally awakened vibe, those who suffer from mental health issues or Bipolar’s depressive side will discover real relief. 

Even better, stress is a distant memory, since one of the features of this form of cannabis is that it has a slight relaxation effect that can help ease any anxiety and get you back to the present moment. Or, if you are overwhelmed because of such a task, or just because you can’t really find the creative spark, this weed might be a huge aid, with the Amnesia Haze strain’s ability to inspire and carry in positive potential. 

It is better to eat an average, pleasant, and familiar dosage of this marijuana strain for mental illnesses since overuse of THC can often lead to anxiety and paranoia, depending on the type of strain. Amnesia Haze, which appears to act as a strong numbing agent, as well as a subtle energizer which will not produce any over-excitement, or those irritating jitters and shakes as some Sativa may, can all gain from pain (which includes chronic), exhaustion, and loss of appetite inside the physical domain. A medium to a large dosage of this medical marijuana strain will benefit from medical symptoms; then the benefits and effects of the medication can be felt. It can be an easy and effective way to consume a larger amount of THC without all the extra work and effort to find solutions to smoking. Several pharmacies and recreational stores sell edible forms of Amnesia Haze, concentrate, and extract.

In conclusion,  marijuana is a scientifically debated drug, but one potential medicinal advantage may be the best marijuana strain for gaining weight. According to available research, there could be appetite enhancement and best marijuana strain to gain weight in patients with physical debilitation. Nonetheless, while there may be the best marijuana strain to gain weight due to available today products. As for the effect of marijuana on body weight in the general public, use tends to be associated with a lower body mass index. This theory can be explained partly by short-term versus long-term use differences. The fascinating assumption that food and drugs will compete in the brain for the same incentive sites. Alternatively, marijuana strain can theoretically be a regulatory product, but not on average or overweight individuals, increasing weight in low-weight people.

Amnesia Haze may be the exquisite marijuana strain for you if you struggle with depression, stress, severe pain, loss of appetite, exhaustion, or simply find it hard to get interested to start your day.