It’s a good thing to understand what to anticipate during the cannabis flowering period, whether you’re only beginning to grow cannabis or you’ve been there for a while. During the various stages of its lifecycle, the cannabis plant has a variety of features, including germination, the vegetative stage, and the flowering stage, but the final flowering stage is perhaps the most thrilling for many home growers but best outdoor autoflower. A lot of that is that this stage shows what your harvest’s amount and quality would be. Understanding the process makes it easier to grow. In little time, auto-flowering strains have excellent results, sometimes surging in as little as 8 weeks from seed to harvest.

What is Best Outdoor Autoflower?

It will be a fun and simple time for both beginners and experienced growers to raise these varieties. With each new seed generation, auto-flowering cannabis, without sacrificing pace, becomes much more effective, higher-yielding, and better-tasting. Many of these varieties today are just best outdoor autoflower as strong as strains from photoperiods. This makes them particularly prominent among indoor growers, and most individuals suggest growing them indoors best outdoor autoflower. Growing auto-flowering marijuana outdoors is however absolutely doable. To learn how, and when to use automatic genes outside, and also what benefits they have over photoperiod seeds and clones, use this useful guide

To put it quite simply, a cannabis auto-flowering strain is one whose genetics enable age instead of light cycles to decide its flowering. This means that in a matter of weeks, they seem to go from seed to harvest, enabling several harvests within a season.

Cannabis auto-flowering does just as the name suggests-it spontaneously flowers when it reaches maturity, aside from the impact of changes in natural or artificial lighting. For farmers, this is perfect because it makes the whole growing process much easier, as well as quicker. 

Why you should grow the best outdoor autoflower?

Growing indoor auto-flowering marijuana gives you full control over the environmental factors under which your plants are subjected, including the total amount of sunlight they receive every day. The secret to effective harvests and productivity is this. There are many explanations, nevertheless, why some growers prefer to cultivate automatic strains outside.

  • Bigger Yields

By putting as many plants as they can fit into their space available, and by raising the size of artificial light in their tent or growing room, indoor growers optimize yields. Conversely, to draw out greater crop production, some farmers use high-stress training strategies. Even so, growing cannabis under the sun will typically give you higher yields per individual plant.

  • Less Equipment/ tools

If you do not have space or the cash to invest in a fully fitted grow room, it is a great idea to develop auto-flowering marijuana outside. You would also have to purchase good soil and nutrients, but the cost of lighting, ventilation, or filtration won’t have to be taken into account.

  • Smaller size

Outside, photoperiod strains can get huge. If the weather is warm and sunny for much of the summer, it’s not uncommon for them to reach 3m in height. That’s all right if you don’t have to conceal your growth, but if you do, it’s a big concern. 

On the other hand, auto-flowering marijuana progresses so quickly that before harvesting, it barely has time to get taller than 1m. By putting it behind a fence or hedge, you can easily hide a self-flowering plant from sight. The scent might still expose your hidden garden, but you’re not going to have to wonder about prying eyes as much.

  • Performs well in any weather

Growing self-flowering marijuana plants outdoors has some benefits from the northernmost latitudes to tropical areas. Automatic strains ripen rapidly in cooler regions with short, damp summers, ensuring mature buds can be picked before an early freeze or wet autumn. Thanks to rot, mildew, and fungus, this prevents your herb from destruction. You can efficiently reap several harvests per harvest season in more temperate climates while growing self-flowering marijuana outdoors. Before any photoperiod crops start to bloom, this activity allows you to enjoy cured herbs well and autumn harvests enable you to store up for winter. Of course, if you live in a region where the winters are especially moderate or non-existent, you can grow auto-flowering plants for a constant supply outside all year long.

  • Less risk of destruction because of mold or pests

Because auto-flowering plants have such a short lifetime, the conditions promoting mold, fungi, diseases, etc. are less exposed to them. This is true whether you’re developing inside or outside, but in the great outdoors, you have far less influence. When cultivating more conventional strains outside, give auto-flowering marijuana a try if you’ve had trouble with insects, aphids, fungus, powdery mildew, or bud rot.

Benefits of outdoor-grown

  • Sunlight indicates increased yields and fatter buds 
  • In a single growing season, you can achieve multiple harvests. 
  • At any time of year (weather dependent), you can cultivate them outdoors. 
  • Resulting in faster development, they are less vulnerable to pests. 
  • They work on your balcony, terrace, or garden in small spaces. 
  • Due to their small scale, they are suitable for stealthy outdoor growth/guerrilla growth.

Tips in growing autoflower outdoors

  • Light Schedule For Autoflowering Strains

Autoflowering strains, as the name implies, do not need a shift in the light cycle to reach the flowering period. Many growers decide to keep their autoflowers throughout the whole growth process on a light schedule of 18 hours on and 6 hours off. In terms of optimizing photosynthesis and plant growth, other growers prefer to keep their lights on around the clock, but this can become very costly. Outdoor growers can accomplish several harvests within a single growing season due to this specific trait. You can potentially rake in your first harvest after ~8 weeks, with corresponding regular harvests while growing fast strains, by germinating seeds week after week in springtime.

  • A note on pH

How well your plants can reach the nutrients inside will decide the pH value of your soil. If the pH is becoming too high (alkaline) or too poor (acidic), there will be a nutrient shortage and shortcomings will occur. At a soil pH of between 6.0 and 6.5, cannabis plants flourish. In order to check pH during your growth, use a pH checker.

Best Outdoor Autoflower

California Snow – A team of botanists carefully engineered Californian Snow using old-school American genetics mixed with auto-flowering characteristics. This hybrid strain has Indica-dominance but shows Sativa characteristics, creating large pillars of flowers that produce such a density of crystals that it provides the look of snowflakes, hence its fitting name. California Snow provides an extreme high marked by a rush of energy, ideal for daytime use and outdoor activities. The sweet and citrus scents and aromas are followed by this fun high. Just 8 weeks after germination, California Snow can provide producers with incredible yields of approximately 350g. Plants rarely reach 130 cm in height, making it very easy to handle, although with limited room.

Bud description – Buds of Frostbitten. These nugs will feature a rich shade of green that will be glazed until being smoked in a dense coat of white crystals, displaying their potency.

Smoke report – Tall as a mountain. A very full-bodied high with euphoria. This strain is elevating and rejuvenating for those looking for great discussions at a social gathering or for some creative writing or drawing. This strain is perfect.

Plant Appearance – This plant can grow high with a small internodal range, remaining true to its Sativa roots. Growers might look at plants that are 1.3 m in height. With some side branches, all tightly frosty crystals, from the sugar leaves to the buds themselves, she’ll grow a big main cola.

Grow tips – A controllable Sativa, but to manage this strain, indoor producers may want to have about 2m in vertical space. Outdoors would be where she’ll really shine, but to help sustain a bud weighed down plant you also might want to spend in a few stakes. This plant is easy to run and will be ready to be harvested by week 9-10, besides its essential needs.

Taste – A gentle smoking Sativa that won’t itch your throat and will leave on your palate a mellow, but current, sweet, and savory sensation reminiscent of Sour Apples and candy. Like eating a piece from a green, ripe apple.

In conclusion, When done correctly, growing self-flowering cannabis outdoors can be a rewarding project. Plan well enough in anticipation by selecting the best outdoor autoflower time for your seeds to start and a suitable site with optimum access to light and water. Track their progress so that you can give them the required amount of nutrients and water, so you can immediately fix any issues. Auto-flowering cannabis plants may grow some elite buds in the right climate. Owing to thorough breeding, outstanding harvests can now be achieved all year long with the right protocols in place. The days of endless harvests are not far away from building a robust, south-facing polytunnel and understanding the perfect strain, and the ideal way to recycle your sustainable living soil every time. With spring finally here and the growing season of marijuana about to take a full swing, many growers are wondering what they should produce the best outdoor autoflower. In most cases, it is a standard feminized cannabis variety that is picked, but there are also other choices out there. Autoflowering marijuana strains are rapidly gaining popularity, particularly when it comes to outdoor growing.