Cannabis Care Manual

Knowing the best practices in growing marijuana should be the primordial concern of most growers both novice and experts alike. From the moment you see sprouts coming out of your seeds, you will be introduced to the exciting world of marijuana plants growing where familiarity with the needs of your cannabis plants will take centerstage every step of the way. From watering, lighting, nutrients, sexing, pest and fungi avoidance among many others, you have to learn to anticipate and exercise proper care and maintenance of your valued weed plants.

Growing marijuana plants need not be all work and no fun. With our Cannabis Care Manual, you will have the chance not only to learn the exigencies of caring for your growing marijuana plants but also enjoy the experience of growing your fantastic weed plant at the same time. You will also get the chance to avoid the common mistakes that many first time and even intermediate growers experience while growing pot plants. You will be guided every step of the way so there is no need to worry about surprises that could set back your growing concerns. With our free Cannabis Care Manual that you will get as a bonus when you buy our Growing Elite Marijuana E-book, you get to enjoy more your ganja growing activities and less the worries.

What you can expect among many others…

More than 100 pages of invaluable information and tutorials on everything you need to know about professional and proper cannabis care and maintenance.

Detailed explanation of everything you need to know about cannabis care and maintenance.

Crystal clear and crisp pictures that will help you identify clearly what is being explained in this manual.

A complete guide of the nutritional requirements of your weed plants in every stage with focus on the needed NPK ratio in every growing marijuana stage.

A comprehensive guide on the pests, parasites, diseases and fungi that afflicts marijuana plants and how to take care of them.

One of the most fun and exciting things is growing your own cannabis crop, but that also means knowing what to do when you see mold spores on the plant or finding spider mites eating the life out of the plants and leaving their webs behind. These and other common problems are not a worry if your cannabis plant has a common problem, the Cannabis Care Manual will have the answers you need.

This is a true emergency guide for growers that are new and the pro and the eBook sold for $34.95 and with your purchase of the How to Grow Weed it is completely free as a bonus eBook.

This is a great manual with 120 pages of the latest and most effective methods of dealing with nutrient deficiencies, eliminating pests, organic controls, pH management, fungus, mold, diseases, environmental stress and many more problems cannabis growers can face.

Learn about the effective methods to prevent, identify and treat any problem that affects your marijuana plants. Even if it is a serious ganja problem there is an instant solution in the Cannabis Care Manual.


Close up pictures and high definition illustrations of all the common pests that affect cannabis plants and nutrient deficiencies.

Problems are no longer a problem with the Quick Marijuana Plant Problem Troubleshooting guide that has a complete listing of symptoms and the solution.

Get the answers about nutrient deficiencies, both major macro and micro nutrients, with examples of the symptoms. See how to identify the problem and use the included pictures, and the treatment.

Know what to do about deadly plant stresses, with detailed decryptions of symptoms, what do do to solve the problem and how to prevent these problems from attacking the cannabis plants.

Experienced growers and new growers can learn the prevention and effective treatments for molds, fungus, diseases and more using chemical or organic methods to stop disasters, and avoid frustration that often happens when the grower does not have the information they need.

I was an amateur weed growing apprentice and the most important thing to me was learning which indoor marijuana strain would give me the largest yield with the strongest THC. By reading your book on how to grow pot you showed me that there are a number of plants that produce high yields such as White Widow, Northern Lights and Purple Haze





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