Cannabis Cutting

If you are intent on cloning your marijuana plants, then you have to get cuttings from it. Cuttings should not be made arbitrarily. Should you take cuttings during the vegetative stage or when the plants are already flowering? Get the answers to this delicate question when you buy our Growing elite Marijuana E-book. Do not commit the same mistakes made by other growers. It is easy to drift away and not follow the sacred rules in the right timing as well as procedures in cutting parts of your pot plant for cloning purposes.

Through this e-book, I learned about the technical side of cutting marijuana plants for cloning purposes. The information I got from this book is something I did not find in many online materials about cutting and cloning weed plants.


Learn about clones that wilt, turn yellow or fall off without rooting, even if the stems are turning purple. This section of the book will show you in-depth trouble shooting and information that is a simple solution to clone problems without the technical talk. This is a complete guide for the grower using clones, for any trouble they have. Get the book, find the answers to the problems quickly, learn how long it will take for the clone to get roots, learn why a clone does not get roots and more, it’s all there for the grower to solve problems in a simple, but effective on page 263.

Find out how long it takes clones to root on page 253.

Learn how to test clones to find out if they have begun to root without causing any damage to the plant on page 253.

Learn why misting improperly can harm plants and find out how to mist them the right way on page 254.

Find out what the right amount of light is to place clones under that will promote the quickest rooting time, which also means a faster time to harvest and smoke on page 254.

Learn what the optimal distance is for light over new clones to promote growth and avoid the stress when a first time grower on page 255.

Find out what the significance of clone feeding to produce crystal covered buds fast on page 255.

Prior to buying this e-book, I took cuttings from my weed plant for purposes of cloning. The problem was it stopped the vertical growth of my Mother plant. Through this book, I learned to take cuttings without stunting the vertical growth of my pot plant.




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