Cannabis Grow Room Setup

Who says that having a limited grow space can get in the way with the dedicated marijuana growers’ goal of having potent and huge harvest? Get the recommendation and advice from marijuana growing authorities on how to set up stealth and discreet grow rooms, how to secure and maintain the set up and how to maximize the lighting at very efficient cost. The detailed and illustrated guide of our Growing Marijuana E-book provides step by step information about cannabis grow room set-up. A complete listing of the top ten great choices for your grow site is in the book, so get your copy now.

I have a closet grow area and my plants appeared to be very unhealthy when I first tried growing weeds. Then I followed the tips about reflective lighting and watering technique for such small grow site from your e-book. I have four plants and each bears crystal covered magnificent buds.


Caution: Find out what is critical prior to even beginning to set up a indoor grow area, if you want buds that are crystal covered and potent buds. Learn what is so important to know a head of time on page 346.

Learn step by step about setting up a closet grow area that is easy in a detailed guide to grow dense sticky crystal covered buds in the closet on page 359.

Get advice from the pros about setting up a grow room that is discrete and undetectable, which means not getting busted on page 346.

Caution: Take these steps every time you enter the grow area to avoid bringing in micro germs and outside pests, including the cannabis killer the spider mite on page 349.

Learn about setting up flooring that will have the most light reflectivity and the most sanitary that makes it easy to grow a top notch cannabis crop in step by step instructions on page 349.

Find out what can provide the maximum amount of reflective surfaces on walls and ceilings that will grow buds that other growers will be jealous of on page 350.

Learn about the technique that will ensure the cannabis plants get as much focused light as possible and a method that works every time on page 351.

Learn about the top material that can be used for reflective lighting and where to obtain it on page 351.

Caution: Learn why using mirrors or tin foil as a reflective lighting material should never be used or how it causes weak and crumbling buds on page 351.

Find out how to choose a reflective surface, which includes the benefits, where to find them cheap and the cost. There is a complete detailed listing of ten of the greatest choices, so the grower can choose the right one for their growing set up on page 352.

Find out how to set up a watering unit in a detailed guide on page 358.

Find out all you need to know about cleaning the grow room with detailed step by step information that will guarantee that no mold, germs, fungus or pests attack the cannabis plants on page 347.

Learn a method to keep plants aerated twenty-four hours a day that is cheap and easy for fast growing cannabis plants on page 358.

Learn about getting the materials necessary for dense buds that are crystal covered cannabis plants on page 358

Find out how easy it can be to grow in a cabinet in the step by step fully illustrated guide that explains how to set up the cabinet for maximum bud production. Learn how to grow up to five plants at a time and still be tremendously stealthy, while growing potent dense bud covered cannabis plants on page 360.

Learn about growing cannabis with stealth, for the grower that needs to be discrete and for the grower that without the lack of privacy would be harvesting pounds of bud. This includes the detailed information about PC Grow Box and how to successfully grow cannabis inside of a stereo speaker on pages 362 and 363.

Learn about the importance of carbon filtration that can be set up inside of the grow room that will totally eliminate odor on the outside. These systems when bought commercially can be extremely expensive and can be upwards of about $500. but in the book there is a completely detailed step by step guide that will teach you exactly how to make one that has the same effective carbon filter and uses household items that can be purchased for around $20. on page 365.

Find out about controlling the environment in the grow room with a thermostat; find out what the benefits are and why you might need this piece of equipment on page 312.

Learn about how to grow cannabis with a squirrel fan and what it is on page 373.

Find out just how much ventilation is needed in the grow room with a simple calculation formula to pump out the stale hot air on page 373.

Learn the 7 options for ventilation that are effective and easy to understand with the illustrated diagram that is found on page 375.

Find out how to determine the right fan size for the grow room with the section in the book the Complete Fan Sizing Chart on page 375.

Learn about getting the proper ventilation in the hidden indoor cannabis crop and the options available on page 375.

The tips and information that I read from your e-book came straight from the mouth of experts and specialists in marijuana growing. So every word makes sense to me and actually works, it in fact works a lot better than what other books suggest. It is my only guide book in marijuana growing now.




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