Cannabis Plant Air Layering

There are weed plants that are difficult to clone and the only remedy to propagate is by way of air layering. It is by far the most effective method used to clone certain varieties of cannabis plants. It can actually be used to all other weed plants but the process is meticulous that’s why it is performed only on difficult to lone pot plants. So if you have a marijuana plant that is difficult to clone because its cuttings do not respond well to the procedure, you have to try air layering methods. Find out about this method of cloning that is trusted to give you clones of your favourite weed plants.

I read heard about air layering before but had no idea how it can be done. I thought it was just the same with taking a stem from weed plants and planting them but it turned to be very much different. Now I don’t have to take cuttings of my weed plants to make clones out of it.


Learn about air layering and the underground grower’s secrets how it will change buds overnight into sticky crystal covered buds on page 502.

Find out how to do air layering correctly to have the best cannabis strains on page 502.

See the air layering information that will show step by step with illustrations to avoid the confusion about air layering to grow the best possible cannabis plants. This is amazing and can be found on page 502.

See the examples in the book, which will help the grower learn all about air layering without any mistakes that could damage the cannabis plant on page 505.

I tried air layering before but really found it difficult to do especially the process of layering because I tend to cut across the stem. But with this e-book, I learned how to do it properly through its step-by-step procedure. It’s amazing just one book can do to help me with my cloning.




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