The cannabis market is filled with high-THC strains that may be too much for the casual weed smoker. As such, it wouldn’t hurt to smoke a joint of moderate THC strain every now and then. One such strain that smokers can casually enjoy is the Cherry Pie marijuana strain. This sweet and tropical strain gives JUST the right amount of kick and pops with each inhale that smokers take. Beginner users and those that want to opt for subtleness will definitely find pleasure in this amazing hybrid. 

I bet you couldn’t wait to get your hands on some of this Cherry Pie marijuana strain. With a taste that is reminiscent of your early childhood, this strain is sure to bring back some old feelings of happiness and bliss.

Background and review of the Cherry Pie marijuana strain:

The Cherry Pie marijuana strain has actually been around for quite some time now, with it often being cited as a crowd favorite among some cannabis communities. While it isn’t as well-known as some other strains, it can easily be found in many of the marijuana seed banks and local weed dispensaries around Canada and the USA. The most notable feat of the Cherry Pie marijuana strain was earning third place during the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup awards. While it wasn’t able to secure top honors, this is still a very commendable achievement. 

While not much is known about the history and origins of this strain, we do know that Cherry Pie comes from crossbreeding the Durban Poison with some Grand Daddy Purple. With two immensely famous marijuana strains as parents, it is quite evident as to how Cherry Pie is capable of producing such effects and flavors. The Cherry Pie marijuana strain consists of a genotype of 80% indica and 20% sativa. However, the balance of both sativa and indica is evident in the effects and grow info of this strain. 

Grow Information, Yield, and Flowering Time 

Generally, the Cherry Pie marijuana strain grows better in indoor setups because of the controlled variables and climates that you can give it. This strain bodes well in places with a the Mediterranean and tropical type of weather where every surface area of the plant is exposed to long hours of light. A temperature of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit works best in bringing out the natural yellow hues of this strain. Also, keeping the humidity level at a lower range of around 50% to 55% during its vegetative stage is recommended. You can further decrease this to around 45% during its flowering period. The Cherry Pie marijuana strain prefers a mixture of loam and silt soil while being given some natural amendments. As such, it is a fairly difficult strain to grow and is not recommended to beginner growers. 

In terms of appearance, the freshness and potency are reflected in its overall structure as long as it is cultivated properly. The Cherry Pie marijuana strain grows nice, dense buds that emulate both its parent strains well. These resinous and trichome-filled marijuana buds have a moist look that gives it a very compact and mouth-watering appearance. Orange pistils and dark green leaves can be observed from this strain. The Cherry Pie marijuana strain takes around 8 to 9 weeks in order to fully flower and bloom. It is also fairly moderate with its yields, being able to produce around 400 to 500 grams easily when grown indoors.

Appearance, Flavors, and Aroma

The fruitiness and tartness of this strain’s aroma really do remind you of a cherry pie from your early childhood. There is also a strong, sharp dankness that hits your nose, often surprising many users. This blend of sweetness and classic pungent aroma makes for a very tantalizing experience. As for its flavor, you can expect a very herbal and spicy taste with some hints of citrus and fruits. The smoky sensations that you get with each inhale fills your mouth with an amazing array of flavors. 

Common Effects, Medical Properties, and Side Effects

The Cherry Pie marijuana strain carries a THC level that measures around 13% to 17% on average. Despite being an indica-dominant strain, the mental high you get is just as strong as the physical buzzes that you will experience from this strain. While it won’t exactly get you feeling energized and rowdy, the uplifting and euphoric effects will transport your mind into another state where you can enjoy all types of creative ideas. Your senses will start feeling delayed as a strong tension wraps around your temples. Soon after, a very hazy and dreamy feeling overtakes your mind, making everything you do seem all the more interesting. The physical stone, on the other hand, induces a very mellow and relaxing sensation that helps people calm down despite high levels of stress and anxiety. Any worries that you may be shouldering will immediately be thrown out the window as you can easily go through the day with a very vibrant attitude. 

Cherry Pie is also famously known as being a medical strain. In fact, there have been many variations of this marijuana strain that focus primarily on the medical sector. However, this version contains a CBD level of 1% to 2%, giving it a lot of medical value that you may not find in other strains. This is a perfect strain that offers both mental and body benefits. Anyone experiencing certain levels of anxiety and depression will find comfort and solace in this strain. The uplifting and relaxing high eases anyone’s stress and gives them enough breathing room to gather their thoughts. The creativity and productivity boost that you get from this strain will also help users focus. This works great for anyone with attention deficit disorders. 

The Cherry Pie marijuana strain is definitely a winner in the eyes of many in the cannabis industry. With the effects and flavors that it is able to impart, this is something that every grower would be glad to have in their gardens. Make sure to check out Crop King Seeds for the best and freshest batch of Cherry Pie marijuana seeds out there. They offer only the highest quality seeds for the most reasonable prices anywhere on the Internet! Accepted methods of payment are cash, Visa, MasterCard, BitCoin, and Interac. Shop now!