Clone Transplanting Weed

When the right time comes, you will need to transplant your clones to larger pots. But when is the right time to transplant your clones to a bigger pot and how can you do it properly without creating undue stress to your baby clones? You will know everything you need when you read it in our Growing Elite Marijuana e-book. The stage of transplanting your clones to its permanent pots is very crucial because you have to do it timely and at the same time be prepared to supply it the needed nutrients to keep getting stronger.

By reading the e-book I no longer have to check my clones every day as I already know when is the right timing to transplant them to bigger pots. It also gave very useful tips on the kind of lighting I need to expose my clones with.


Read the overview of transplanting clones on page 257.

Learn when the right time is to place the clone under an HID light and find out when they are ready on page 257.

Find out what vitamin is easy to find and can guarantee the clone’s rate of growth excels every time it is used, find it on page 246.

Read the step by step guide that is easy to understand to learn the correct way to transplant clones on page 246.

Learn about rooting hormone, how to use it, when to use it and how to apply it, plus how it will speed up the cellular level of growth on page 248.

Find out what one of the most important secret tricks is that experts use to accelerate the clones root growth, so fast it’s hard to believe. There are two variations, learn what they are with the detailed instructions to be rewarded with frosted, potent buds with these methods on page 249.

Learn about the cloning devices available, like humidity domes, bubblers, two liter bottles and wick cloners, plus what they do and how they affect plants on page

The step-by-step guide given in the e-book is very useful and informative. I just followed it and my clone transplant when smoothly as expected. Had I not bought this book, I would not have fulfilled my plans of cloning my weed plants. This e-book is the best and most useful material that you need in cloning pot plants.




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