Drying Your Pot

Did you know that the drying process of your pot harvest can either draw out the maximum potency or totally lose it? Learn the fundamentals of drying your pot such as the proper humidity and temperature. The Marijuana Growing E-book will provide you important points on why quick and unbalanced drying can turn your produce into ordinary dried hay instead of a class A marijuana. You can read the complete information about keeping the sticky buds and the sweet smell of your air dried weed. With this incredible book you will find out how to preserve the THC content of newly harvested crop.

Drying and curing pot is a necessary step that will be the difference between having flavor and potency or losing it. The plants will need to be cured carefully to avoid problems and get the flavor and odor that growers want. This is a process during which the plants purge sugar and chlorophyll that can cause pot to taste bitter. Drying pot wrong can cause it to lose most of its potency.

I became an instant expert electrician with this e-book! I don’t have to worry about electrical shocks. All that I needed to know about proper installation as well as identifying the important parts of an electrical installation are laid out and explained.


Drying the buds to quickly can cause them to smell like hay or pine needles and the taste is even worse. When pot is dried correctly it will have the maximum amount of potency and it will also convert non-psychoactive acidic THC into psychoactive potent THC that will have an amazing high when smoked, a great taste and spectacular flavor.

Learn why rushing the drying process is not a good idea on page 560.

Find out what 4 things can destroy THC on the newly harvested buds and reduce its potency at a rapid rate. Avoid these things and learn what to do, instead of being like the growers that make these mistakes on page 560.

Learn how to correctly hang and dry buds on page 561.

Find out what the best humidity and temperature ranges create the best drying environment for the most THC potency on page 561.

Read about air drying in this section of the book in step by step information that will ensure sticky buds with a sweet smell when broken on page 562.

Learn what steps are crucial to take when the pot is drying to avoid being disappointed with the quality of the smoke on page 563.

Learn about the right air circulation around the buds that is needed for a successful harvest and find out why too much air can cause the buds to dry out too fast. Drying out to fast will cause crumbly fast burning buds that have a sharp harsh taste, but too little air and the buds remain moist on the inside and can grow mold and rot. Correct air circulation avoids both problems and produces the quality pot the grower intended on having and there is an easy technique for this in the book that will show the reader how to properly hang and ventilate their pot that is always successful, find out what it is on page 563.

Learn why smoking moldy buds can be harmful and it is something that will put fear in even the most determined pot smoker on page 564.

Find out what he optimal drying environment is for marijuana and all the information that will help to have a perfect dry every time. This includes all the components, the right drying location, humidity, temperature, light exposure, air and all the other facts on page 576.

Learn about what specific fertilizer nutrient that should never be used 2 weeks prior to harvesting and if this rule is ignored the bitter taste will be still in the buds. Find out what it is on page 574.

Learn how drying time can be lengthened by accident and know how to avoid this to get the potent pot that you have been waiting to smoke in days, rather than weeks, which will be found on page 564.

Find out what warm mist humidifiers are and hygrometers, learn how they can help and if you need one for your grow set up on page 565.

Find out what the number one ignored environmental problem is that can decompose THC rapidly and how to ensure this is not a problem that will decrease the potency in your pot on page 565.

Find out what the biggest secret is that can make drying faster, even as much as 33 percent without decreasing the quality or potency and without affecting the taste on page 566.

Learn about re-moisturizing buds and why with step by step information on page 566.

Know what to do immediately to have a second crop within six weeks from your cut crop with the information on recycling and regenerating in the books detailed step by step guide on page 567.

Learn how to prune regenerate plants to reap another giant harvest quickly on page 590.

I have no idea about re-moisturizing buds and pruning regenerate buds before but I learned these from your e-book. It is full of new and exciting ideas; it never runs out of surprises in each chapter. Each time you turn the page, you anticipate what more else it has in store for you.




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