Electricity Basics for Weed Growing & Lighting

You know that lighting plays an important role when you grow marijuana plant indoors. But the question is do you know exactly what types of light are needed during the different stages of cannabis growth? You may have the perfect indoor set-up, the top of the line nutrients, and the lighting installed but suddenly you realize your babies are starting to get brown and drying out. This is one dilemma that you should avoid as much as possible and you can achieve this by using the right type of lighting for your growing pot plants. Let our growing marijuana e-book help you out in determining the right type of lighting for your weed plants.

Electricity basics for weed are important for the grower to understand and the new grower to learn about in order to have weed plants that grow with as many potent buds as possible. Indoor weed plants depend on lighting to replace the sunlight that outdoor plants would get. There are different types of lighting, with both cool and hot beams and why the weed pants need the different lighting during the stages of growth will be found in this section of the book.

I used to have problems with hermies occurring in my indoor grow room but now that problem has been solved. I can even force flower my marijuana plants when I feel like it is the right time. This e-book is really informative and thought me lessons about marijuana lighting that I thought were too technical at first for me to understand.


Learn about weed and the need for lighting, the natural sunlight cycles and lighting for indoor growing on page 87.

Learn about cold and warm lights, the differences and their effect on weed plants, on page 87.

Learn about spectral energy distribution to grow big buds with the right lighting source. Learn about color rendering index demystified, what it is, what it does and why it is important on page 88.

Find out how the breakdown of color lighting spectrums affects weed growth during the different stages of the weeds growth. Knowing this it is possible to start growing a successful weed plant now! This information is found on page 88.

I loved the way everything about lighting needs of marijuana plants were explained in the book. I actually didn’t know that I can manipulate the light to make them grow faster. I followed the advice given in the book and it made them really grow fast, I saved on the waiting time for them to finish the vegetative stage.




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