Fertilizing Marijuana

Just like light and water, fertilizer plays an integral part of growing marijuana plants whether indoor or outdoor. The right kind of nutrients must be fed to your cannabis plants in every growing stage. Knowing the ideal N-P-K ratio is very important to make certain that they are getting the right nutrients needed to make them flourish. This is what our e-book will show you and more when it comes to fertilizing your pot plants. Following simple easy steps on how to feed your plants the right kind of fertilizer is also included so be ready to learn all about it.

I followed the instruction given on the book about the right fertilizer for my outdoor sativa and it did wonders for me. I got a really good yield of healthy big and heavy buds and all I did was made a switch of the NPK ratio from vegetation to flowering stage. It’s amazing what this e-book taught me!


A quick guide and detailed instructions about marijuana and Germination. Page 130

Cannabis germination is something that must be done to perfection. Find out what needs to be done and what to watch out for with cannabis germination. Page 130

Find out how many seeds you will germinate out of at least 10 seeds whenever everything is done the right way. Page 131

Don’t worry and wonder when the seed might start sprouting. Find out when it should without having to second guess the time. Page 131

Learn how to find out what kind of plants are developing and be able to identify them and learn what kind of plants might need to be removed in the garden. This might help with being able to prevent and stop a variety of problems such as mold, pollination, attracting pests and many other things. Page 131

Grow and germinate healthy seeds at the temperature that is needed. Page 131

Get all of the information you need to know about the rates with the germination and seed banks. Page 133

Learn how to germinate marijuana seeds within the soil. Page 133

Ganja needs to be planted in a certain way in order for it to come out great. Find out how deep the plant needs to be and know ahead of time so that everything is done just right. Page 133

A quick overview and guide to learning how to do the lighting sprouts correctly and what kind of foundation should come with germinating seedlings so that the harvest is great. Page 134

Know when to sprout the seed and find out what kind of environment it should grow in so that it flourishes and develops with foliage. Page 134

In order to make sure that you have the best results with growth there is a certain way to water the seedlings. Find out how and learn a trick that is very effective plus discover a tool that you might not be able to live without for success. Page 134

Discover how wet the medium should be in order for it to grow. Page 134

Germinating seeds respond to air and it can have a very surprising effect on them. Page 135

Don’t burn the bulbs out, find out how to replace the bulbs the right way. Pg. 106

I taught the basic knowledge I had about fertilizing marijuana plants was enough until I read this e-book. It opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and gave me more ideas when it comes to formulating my own fertilizer mix for my growing weed plants. Now I don’t have to spend a lot of money buying commercial fertilizers.




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