Fluorescent Marijuana Lighting

Fluorescent lights are one of the cheapest to use in an indoor growing set-up and they are very popular up to this day. But did you know that there are ways to use it in your indoor cannabis plants? Understanding the right lumens and intensity of brightness are a bit too technical and not knowing how to properly and when to use fluorescent lights during the growth stages of your marijuana plants can do more harm that good. This e-book does away with all the technicalities and explains in simple and concise manner how you should choose the right fluorescent lights and include also the best way to use them.

Lighting is an essential part of growing marijuana and in this section of the book there is more information on lighting that is in an easy to read and understand format. The new marijuana grower or the experienced grower learning about the benefits of proper lighting will produce great crystal covered buds.

I’m a beginner in indoor weed growing and has much to learn when it comes to the right type of lighting for my growing marijuana plants. It’s a good thing I did not scrimp on buying this e-book cos now I know how to go about the fluorescent lighting for my pot plants.


Learn about the pros and cons of florescent lighting to grow some of the best weed you have ever smoked on page 91.

Find out how to use florescent lighting to your advantage to get bud growth fast on page 91.

Learn about the types of florescent lighting that should never be used for marijuana plant growing on page 92.

Learn about setting up the florescent lighting system, with detailed instructions on page 92.

Learn what to know about compact florescent lighting on page 94.

Learn what every marijuana grower should know about optimal color temperature and CFL wattage, along with other important things the grower should know on page 94.

Find the information on switching compact florescent lighting to give the marijuana plants the right light spectrum they require in a way that is easy to read and understand on page 94.

Learn how to used compact florescent lighting or CFL’s properly for growing marijuana plants on page 95.

Learn about the ideal compact florescent light position to obtain maximum buds on page 95.

If only I got this e-book earlier, I would have known that there are different lighting needs for every growing stage of marijuana plants. Now I’m doing it right and very happy with the results I’m getting from my blooming weed plants. One thing I learned is that It’s not just about having the brightest light to use in my grow room.




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