Fundamentals of Cannabis Maintenance

More often, and this is especially true not only for beginners, weed growers start with marijuana growing venture with already the harvest in mind. This is like conditioning the mind of the bountiful harvest that lies ahead the moment some cannabis seeds are planted and it serves as a motivation. While this is true, you must also not forget the fundamentals needed to maintain the health and vigour of your weed plants. Maintaining your marijuana plants in terms of everything that they need to grow fast, healthy and become a high yielder is given enough detail in our e-book. Learn about it the proper way.

I’m a newbie and I read a lot of materials on how to supposedly grow cannabis plants. But when it’s time to grow my plants the first time around, I learned that there are bits and pieces that are lacking with what I read from other materials. It’s only with this e-book that I got a clear guide on how to properly maintain my pot plants.


Deciding to grow cannabis is not just putting seeds in soil, it takes effort, it takes work and it means knowing what to do and when to do it, if you want a great harvest of crystal covered buds. Most growers when they know what to do and how to do the right things find it is fun and have the benefit of knowing the harvest they will reap. Caring for the cannabis plants will mean training, pruning, toping and other techniques that will ensure the best possible quality smoke. There are techniques of cutting, bending and other things that can make the cannabis plants grow super fast and at the same time increase the bud density and potency at harvest.

Many growers are confused about these techniques and methods that are used to significantly increase yield and potency, due to a lack of proper information and illustrations to guide them through the growing phases of the cannabis plant. This section of the book will make all the confusion disappear with the clear illustrations and concise detailed information in step by step guides to properly maintain and train your cannabis plants.

Find out what to do about cannabis plants that grow top heavy and begin bending or falling over. These are easy and cheap tricks that can effectively support the cannabis plant, learn what they are on page 461.

Find out what the top 11 mistakes are that growers make and what to do to avoid them, while saving money and time. This is a way not to learn from your mistakes, get it right the first time, while at the same time increasing the yield of sticky resin covered buds. If you rather learn the hard way from your mistakes that cost time, cause frustration and cost money then you don’t want to read page 540.

When it’s time to grow, I went on with it. Little did I know that there are a lot of things that I should do to effectively grow ganja. I didn’t want to ask around so I bought Growing Elite Marijuana E-book and I’m happy I made the right decision. Now I’m the one giving my friends advice!




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