Ganja Etiquette

Ganja smoking has been around for hundreds of years all over the world and though the enjoyment brought about by the high it gives is basically the same with any person, there are some rules that have been developed over the years and became part and parcel of smoking weed with a group. Be it with friends, family or acquaintances, you have to learn the basics of proper socialization with others in a pot session to make sure that you don’t interfere with the other person’s trip. These unwritten rules make ganja smoking all the more exciting and fun filled for all of us who love to smoke weed with other people at the same time and therefore becomes an indispensable guide in pot sessions especially for beginners.

The principles outlined in this bonus Ganja Etiquette E-book did not come from thin air as it is the result of many years of research and actual interviews with a lot of marijuana smokers. This book makes an excellent guide especially if you’re always smoking with other people. Learning how to make the pot session livelier and full of good trips would certainly endear you with friends and would want to see you join them again and again. So don’t be an alien amongst other smokers and learn to enjoy pot smoking with them the proper way.

Be introduced to the more than 40 unwritten rules of smoking marijuana together with others.

Learn what are the attitudes that turn other smokers off and makes them want nothing to do with the other guy.

Learn how not to fumble all over and crack the trip of other people.

Make a lot of friends by following the simple but normally overlooked social etiquettes needed while smoking weed with a group.

It’s easy to be the life of the party but it’s difficult to fit in once you failed to follow these unwritten rules so it is best you learn them from this e-book beforehand.

Enjoying bud with friends can be awesome. While providing a ‘higher’ state-of-mind it makes it much easier to relax, get acquainted and build friendships. Most everyone is aware however that certain rules apply when the idea is for several people to enjoy a smoking session with some great tasting Ganja.

Once in a while a new smoker joining the smoke sesh can quickly become annoying and put a damper on the high everyone else is enjoying, and you definitely don’t want to end up being the culprit. If you’re left to smoke alone, it is a sure sign that you need to review your Ganja Etiquette guide. Before you know it, you’ll be smoking and having just as much fun as the rest of the group. Not long after tons of average Joe stoners were interviewed and questioned in detail about their awesome times of smoking and issues they ran across from time to time, Ganja Etiquette came into being.

There are 41 rules that remain ‘unspoken’ that all stoners should know and read about in Ganja Etiquette. Unless you plan on smoking alone, you will not want to overlook issues that most all pot smokers have with newbies. You may very well already be guilty and not even know it!

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