Are you planning on germinating your own marijuana seeds? Do you need the proper guide on how to successfully make your cannabis seeds sprout? Then look no further. Here at our Growing Marijuana E-Book website, we have decided to share our thoughts on how to properly germinate weed seeds.

What is Germination?

Germination is when growers make their seeds undergo a process in which the seeds develop into a plant. After germination, the seeds sprout into little taproots which signify the start of a plant’s lifecycle.
In cannabis culture, germination is seen as an essential part of the cultivation process. Many marijuana seed banks pre-germinate their marijuana seeds before shipping them to customers all round the world. These seed banks usually guarantee an 80% germination rate to ease the customer’s minds.
However, there is always the possibility of inaccuracy when it comes to these seed banks. This is why many growers invest their time and efforts into germinating their own cannabis seeds. This way, they have full control over the process and guarantee of how it will actually turn out

What are the Different Germination Techniques?

There are many ways that growers can germinate their cannabis seeds. Depending on the method that suits you the best, growers have a wide variety of choices to pick from. Regardless of which one a grower picks, they all need proper care and execution in order to come up with favorable results. Here are some of the best and most famous germination techniques and how they work:

Using germination cubes and seedling plugs is a great way of germinating for people who are used to the process. These tools are made specifically for the germination process. All you need to do is place the seed inside and add water.
If you have seeds that display an unnaturally hard coating, then the best way to germinate them is by soaking them in slightly warm water overnight. This helps the seeds wake up.

Another method is planting them directly into the growing medium. Carefully dig a hole 1.5 inches deep and place the seeds inside. After covering the seeds, water the area to moisten the area and place a heating pad over the seeds.


We will discuss in detail the Paper Towel Method, one of the most famous and widely used germination methods. It is known to be the most successful methods of germination. Despite requiring more effort than the rest, it is one way of guaranteeing properly germinated seeds. For this method of germination, you will need simple household things:

  1. Cannabis seeds
  2. Plastic cup
  3. Dinner plate
  4. Bottled spring water
  5. Thick paper towels
  • First, take your cup and fill it up with bottled spring water. Soak your seeds into the water for 14 to 18 hours. Remember that it is normal for some seeds to stay afloat.
  • Take your thick paper towels and lay them on top of the dinner plate. Make sure them are foldable to cover the seeds.
  • After soaking the seeds for the right amount of time, pour the water and seeds onto the dinner plate with the paper towels. Discard and excess water. Afterwards, take one end of the paper towel and fold to cover the seeds.
  • Take your dinner plate with seeds on it and place it in a warm, dark room. Make sure it is an open environment where air circulation is ideal. Wait for them to crack open. Regularly check the seeds to make sure the paper towels do not dry out.
  • After 2-7 days, the seeds will begin to crack. Also, little taproots will begin to develop. Allow the little taproot to grow up to 0.5cm to about ¾ of an inch before placing into a growing medium.

Following these steps can increase the chances of healthy and potent buds. It will take a little more time and effort but you can’t argue with the results. It is ideal for both beginners and experienced growers so anyone can have properly germinated seeds.