HID Lighting For Weed

It is important to germinate marijuana seeds properly, because losing the seeds due to improper germination means losing money. That is no longer a problem with the detailed instructions in the book, with the up to date and modified germination techniques that have been tested and proven to have the best germination rate.

I learned from this book that not just any clean water should do as the chemicals may harm the seeds and prevent it from germinating. Now I know all about weed germination and very satisfied with my germination technique.


The first method of germinating seeds is soaking with the benefits of this technique and the materials that will be needed on page 136.

Learn about soaking properly with step by step instructions on page 136.

Learn a trick that is for soil growers to speed up germination and be confident doing it, on page 137.

Find out what to avoid to keep from rotting the seeds from oxygen deprivation on page 137.

Learn about a step that can be taken during germination to significantly increase the chance for all of the seeds to be female on page 137.

The second germination method uses soil benefits, how to do it, and how long it takes on page 138.

Learn how to germinate seeds one hundred percent of the time with how to and how long it will take on page 138.

Learn a germination method that never fails on page 139.

The third germination method is a paper towel method and learn what to avoid, know the materials that are necessary and how to set this method up to be successful on page 140.

Detailed instructions on the paper towel method with illustrations on page 140.

Caution, learn not to leave the seeds soak to long, also learn about the micro-roots that can be damaged removing the germinated seeds from the paper towel that can slow growth and stress the plant, causing it to result in a male or hermaphrodite. Find out when to remove the seedling from the germination environment to avoid slow growth on page 141.

Find out what the riskiest thing that should be avoided and that new growers do the first time they germinate seeds. This is a section of the book that growers don’t want to miss, so no seeds are wasted; learn about it on page 141.

Learn how to avoid mold and fungus in the warm moist environment that germinating sees require and know what to do if it does threaten the marijuana seeds on page 141.

The fourth germination method growers can use is a peat briquette technique, learn how on page 142.

Get step by step instructions on using the peat briquette technique on page 142.

The fifth germination technique is done using rockwool and there are easy to follow instructions on page 144.

The sixth technique in the book is a secret way to germinate seeds extra fast and have great success rates, which is used by top growers on page 145.

Find out how to use this technique with step by step illustrations on page 145.

Even before I bought my first batch of marijuana seeds, I already invested by buying this e-book because it received a lot of positive reviews. I was able to start right and never had problems with germination courtesy of the techniques I gathered from this e-book.




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