Guerilla Growing Cannabis Crops

Guerilla growing of marijuana plants is one effective method to avoid being identified with your weed plants. To do this, you have to look for a far away location from your place to grow cannabis. But to do this effectively, you need to be equipped with the necessary know-how. Not only that, you also have to identify the reasons why it would be good or bad for you. If indoor growing requires you to be over-protective of your weed plants, what can you do to protect your guerrilla growing venture? All of your questions will be answered point by point by our ebook.

I encountered lots of problems with my guerrilla growing particularly the animals that roamed around so I bought this e-book to find out how I can protect my weed plants from wild animals eating the buds and leaves of my marijuana plants. You know what, I don’t have that problem anymore.


Find out all you need to know about guerilla growing cannabis crops on land that is not yours and get the most up-to-date methods for growing and harvesting safely a large harvest.

Caution: Find out how to keep your cannabis plants and yourself safe when using a remote area to grow, there is complete detailed information. No grower wants to go to their cannabis crop they have tended for months to find out it has been stolen. This section of the book has all the information the guerilla grower needs to avoid this kind of problem and have a safe and stress free outdoor cannabis crop on page 436.

Learn why fencing is important with outdoor cannabis crops, to stop wild animals like chipmunks, squirrels, deer, bears and others that like to eat cannabis. Find out what is the best fencing to use and the easy method used to install it to keep your plants safe on page 437.

Find out how to remotely water your plants and the techniques that can be used to transport it. Learn how to build a basic irrigation system in this part of the book that has extremely detailed information on page 437.

Find out when the peak time is to harvest outdoor cannabis buds for the best possible bud on page 437.

Learn the tricks that experienced growers set up an automatic watering device that takes under 30 seconds and costs less than $3.00, but lasts for weeks. That means no stress about remote cannabis crops drying out on page 448.

I really doubted the possibility of engaging in guerrilla growing because I can’t imagine my weed plants being away from my sight for days. But after I read this book, I realized it can really be done. I started with just a few plants to test if the tips given are really applicable and I was able to get away with it.




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