Every marijuana grower would much rather enjoy plucking out large amounts of cannabis buds during each one of their harvests. A larger supply of marijuana means that growers and regular cannabis users would not have to worry about running out of weed especially during the cold winter seasons. If you cultivate marijuana for commercial purposes, then high yielding strains are perfect for making sure that your inventory and stock do not run out.

As such, there are dozens of more benefits of having high yielding strains in your cannabis gardens. In this article, we are going to provide a list of our Top Highest Yielding Marijuana Strains in the market today. These are potent and bountiful strains that will surely satisfy every cannabis grower with generous amounts of weed buds.

Highest Yielding Marijuana Strains: 

Keep in mind that this list doesn’t just consider the amount of yield that a cannabis strain produces. In order for smokers to get the best value for their money, we also considered the overall potency and performance of said strains.


The strain’s name says it all. As one of the most generous and highest yielding marijuana strains ever developed, the Big Bud marijuana strain will surely earn you a hefty profit. This award-winning marijuana strain produces a whole lot of its frosty and resinous bud regularly, easily reaching up to 600 to 900 grams of marijuana buds per square meter. Along with the big and chunky buds that you get out of this strain, the Big Bud marijuana strain also produces a great indica high that will get marijuana users into a state of couch-lock for long hours. This 85% indica-dominant strain has a THC level that clocks in at around 15% to 20%. It is enough to give users a deep sense of relaxation while slowly taking them towards a blissful experience filled with euphoric ideas.


The Chocolope is an award-winning marijuana strain that bursts with flavor each and every time you decide to take a hit. The sweet and coffee-like blend of tastes is definitely a winning combination for those who are avid fans of such qualities. Of course, Chocolope is also famous for producing some of the highest yields known to the cannabis industry. Typically an outdoor strain, the natural weather, and warm climates will do well in bringing out the full potential of the Chocolope strain. It is capable of easily producing a gargantuan yield of 850 to 1,000 grams of buds per square meter. The electrifying and vibrant high of this strain is capable of increasing a person’s motivation and creativity, making it ideal for an everyday strain. It has a THC level of 21% on average. 


With a scent that is noticeable even across the far corner of the room, the Super Skunk marijuana strain will definitely give you all the best qualities of good, classic weed. This very well-balanced marijuana hybrid is capable of inducing only the best of both indica and Sativa highs, giving users great value for their money. Super Skunk produces a generous amount of yield whether it is grown indoors or outdoors. It will typically sprout around 600 to 800 grams per square feet of plant, being available for harvest around mid to late October. This strain transports your mind to a blissful state filled with happy and inspirational ideas. It has a THC level that can reach as high as 28%. Despite this, it will do little to disorient your mind and distract you from going about your daily routine.    


This insanely pure and natural-tasting strain will get you feeling refreshed and motivated with just a couple of hits. Despite the somewhat intimidating name, the Green Crack marijuana strain is easily one of the smoothest yet strong-hitting strains out there today. With a THC content of around 17%, the mind-altering high that this strain produces will get smokers tripping about the most insane and blissful ideas. It is fairly generous when grown indoors but an outdoor setup will see its yield rates skyrocket through the roof. Outdoor growth may lead to it producing around 650 to 700 grams of buds per square meter. The potent and vibrant high given by this strain was great enough for even renowned rapper Snoop Dogg to name it. 


The Moby Dick marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is known particularly for its high THC levels and heavy-hitting effects. Definitely something that beginner marijuana smokers should stay away from, it is powerful enough to knock up even the most experienced connoisseurs. Lab tests indicate that the THC content of Moby Dick can reach heights of up to 27% on a regular basis. True to its name, the Moby Dick marijuana strain is a gargantuan beast that will swallow up your mind and keep you feeling locked up in one position. However, the most surprising feat about this strain is the yield that it is able to produce when grown outdoors. The Moby Dick strain is capable of sprouting a whopping 1500 grams per square feet of the plant if grown under the right conditions. Giving it room to expand and allowing it to grow naturally can bring out this strain’s full potential.


This classic dank strain is something that has been echoing all across the whole cannabis industry for many years now. With its famed reputation for having a very rough and pungent taste, the Super Silver Haze is certainly no stranger to awards and recognition. This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will get users feeling dazed and slightly confused as to what is going on in their surroundings. The energetic and euphoric high brings out the sociability of a person. Yet this feeling isn’t the only thing you would get out of this strain. The Super Silver Haze also gives a very therapeutic and soothing sensation that leaves users feeling relaxed. With a THC content of around 18% to 20%, it is definitely a good all-around strain for various purposes. Super Silver Haze can produce a hefty 550 to 650 grams per square feet. 


The 50:50 ratio of indica and Sativa genetics found in this strain is something that sets it apart from the rest. The sweet and fruity flavors coupled with the strong body and cerebral highs make the Purple Trainwreck marijuana strain a go-to for all cannabis users out there. This strain carries a THC level of 21% to 23% on average. It is capable of enhancing a person’s mood and energizing them through small boosts of energy. Furthermore, the deep and somewhat sedating body buzzes that the Purple Trainwreck gives will get people feeling very chill without necessarily crashing their bodies. This strain, when grown outdoors in hot and dry climates, can easily produce around700 to 850 grams per square feet of the plant. This makes it one of the most generous and satisfying strains to grow.

All of these cannabis strains will definitely provide you with a large supply of some of your best and favorite strains in the market. Because growing marijuana is a tiresome and complex process, it is definitely a rewarding feeling to be able to pluck out the large volumes of cannabis buds in your garden. So if you want the best and most potent high yielding strains of marijuana, then this list is definitely for you!