Homemade Smoking Devices

Smoking weed is always a pleasure and the high can be further amplified if you use devices to make sure your marijuana smoking experience will become even more pleasurable. But to most of us, it is not easy to get our hands on gadgets and smoking devices so we have to learn to improvise and create our own. Even if you can easily get your hands on commercially available pipes and bongs, knowing how to make your own is easily advantageous because you can design it according to your own needs.

With this free e-book, we will teach you how to build your own homemade smoking devices using only materials you can normally found in your household. This saves you a lot of dollars and what’s more, you can configure your homemade smoking device according to your own specs. Learn how to build bongs and pipes the easy way complete with blueprints like design and many more. The best ways to clean and maintain the pristine condition of your homemade bongs and pipes will al so be shared. This is a book that is all about bongs and pipes and once you get hold of it, there is no more need for you to buy your smoking devices.

Expect the following and much more…

Over 100 pipes and bongs complete with designs and step by step making process to make it easy for you to build your own homemade smoking devices.

Learn to create lots of bongs and pipes variations including how to use, clean and maintain them like Chinese Waterfall Bong, Trippy Acid Trip Bong, Honey Bear and a whole lot more.

Problem rolling a joint? This e-book will teach you how the pros do it and once you’ve learned the tricks of the trade, you’ll be the master roller of the party.

Also included is a guide on how to make your homemade vaporizer complete with the step by step process and materials needed.

This free e-book is complete with pictures and the only thing you’ll ever need when it comes to making your own homemade smoking devices.

One of the most fun and exciting things is growing your own cannabis crop, but that also means knowing what to do when you see mold spores on the plant or finding spider mites eating the life out of the plants and leaving their webs behind. These and other common problems are not a worry if your cannabis plant has a common problem, the Cannabis Care Manual will have the answers you need.

Learn all about bongs, there is complete design plans and find out the pros and cons of them, including the designs. Find out about homemade smoking device aesthetics, materials, the water test, safety, liquids, scraping and even more.

There is do-it-yourself ideas for more than 114 pipes and bongs that are fully illustrated and have detailed step by step instructions to construct apple pipes, a gravity bong along with how to use it instructions, a bamboo ripper, the Chinese waterfall bong, scent hiding steamrollers, a trippy acid trip bong, the magical lumberjack pipe, a honey bear bong, and others that will make it enjoyable just reading the construction plans.

Find out how to roll blunts like a pro with the completely illustrated step by step guide that has the secret method to roll Elite Blunts that will amaze everyone and of course your friends will be enthusiastic about lighting up.

Learn how to build incredible homemade vaporizers with the step by step plans and full illustrations for classic designs and the Volcano.

I was an amateur weed growing apprentice and the most important thing to me was learning which indoor marijuana strain would give me the largest yield with the strongest THC. By reading your book on how to grow pot you showed me that there are a number of plants that produce high yields such as White Widow, Northern Lights and Purple Haze





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