How to Clone Marijuana Plants

If you want to know the effective methods used to clone marijuana plants, then you should not pass this opportunity to buy our Growing Elite Marijuana E-book. We will show you the step-by-step approach on how to clone your Mother marijuana plant. What’s more, you will also learn when to start feeding your cuttings and also the nutrients they need during the initial stages of the growing cycle for clones. Growing from clones is not the same with growing from seeds so you need to be knowledgeable in this growing technique to avoid the usual mistakes that go with it.

It’s amazing how much information there is to learn about cloning pot plants and this e-book covered it all in a very organized manner that even a newbie like me found it easy to do. I now have a grow room full of clones and they are growing healthy just like their mother plant.


Learn how to make clones thrive, by using the right nutrients on page 225.

Find out the best time to start feeding new marijuana cuttings on page 225.

Learn the secret to make every clone grow and avoid the futile attempts that waste time on page 255.

Find out what the perfect starter for clones is and why it will make marijuana plants grow great on page 255.

Learn the temperate that needs to be avoided and never lose a clone again that just dies or never roots on page 256.

Learn about watering clones the proper way, what time is best and how to tell when they need water on page 256.

Find out what humidity has to do with clones, what the most favorable level is and how it helps buds be potent on page 259.

Learn about clones and heat, the methods that can be used and why on page 261.

Learn about stomata and the biology of marijuana clones in a way that is easy to understand to have THC rich buds, without all the technical hard to understand biology on page 260.

Learn how to reduce clone stress by cutting right on page 262.

Find out how to preserve clones in the refrigerator when you aren’t ready to plant right way, without any danger, by doing it right the first time on page 262.

Learn the techniques how to preserve clones for an extended amount of time safely on page 262.

I kept making mistakes about cloning. I took cuttings in almost every stages of growth of my marijuana plants and still failed to succeed. It’s only when I bought and read this e-book that I learned the proper timing to take cuttings of weed plants. Now I can take cuttings with pinpoint accuracy.




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