How to Cure Your Weed

So you thought after drying your harvest, you have now the finest marijuana that you grew your own. But you still need to cure the dried buds and leaves for balanced extraction of all the remaining moisture and bring out its ultimate flavour, aroma and potency. Learn more about the traditional slow dry curing and the new techniques such as water curing. The Marijuana Growing E-book covers all the stages of growing process up to drying and curing. Find out how to make your buds taste and smell like chocolate or different fruity flavours during the curing process. Learn all these exciting curing techniques with this e-book.

I became an instant expert electrician with this e-book! I don’t have to worry about electrical shocks. All that I needed to know about proper installation as well as identifying the important parts of an electrical installation are laid out and explained.


Curing weed is the last possible step to bring out the flavor, the potency and the aroma in the weed plant buds. This is where moisture is redistributed to the buds and when using the simple detailed system that is in the book iti s possible to have the best buds possible that are fresh and asking to be smoked.

Learn about curing your weed and the affect it has on the bud potency with up to date facts on page 569.

Find out everything you ever wanted to know from the most experienced growers and how they get their bud to smell and taste like blueberry, bananas, chocolate, strawberry and other flavors. The complete detailed guide will take you step by step through how to add flavors to your weed. Learn all you need to know on page 577.

Find out what the proven techniques are that are used to tell when your buds are dry enough to be cured on page 571.

Learn what the 5 critical conditions are that have to be done to preserve awesome bud flavor and aroma. To smoke this amazing bud find out about it on page 571.

Learn curling tricks that are able to be done easily and always work on page 572

Find out how to cure weed properly with the in-depth step by step guide on page 573.

Find out how long it takes weed to cure properly on page 574.

Find out what water curing is and learn about this amazing new technique that is fast compared to the usual slow dry cure on page 579.

Learn what occurs to weed buds when they are in the curing process, take all the guessing out of it with the information on page 580.

Learn about moisture content and why it is important during the drying process to have fruity and smooth tasting buds on page 580.

Find out about the essential cure chemical conversions, known as cannabinoid conversion, metabolism and decarboxylation. Learn what they are and the effect they have on the potency, the taste and the aroma of weed buds, without all the useless talk on page 582.

Learn about fermentation, chlorophyll and how it affects buds aftertaste that will make this an amazing smoke on page 583.

Learn about curing using glass canning jars on page 585.

Find out how to store weed for curing and storing and learn what the best investment you can make for a quality container that will keep the buds potent and extremely well preserved. These are a long term storage container and learn all about it on page 586.

When storing buds for a long amount of time know what to do, since buds can get mold even in an air tight container on page 588.

Learn the 6 storage tips that will keep the buds fresh and potent like the day they were harvested and that every grower should know on page 588.

As a new grower, I was really excited when I had my first harvest and I just can’t wait for my buds to dry. I overlooked some things like proper air circulation so some of my precious buds developed moulds. I almost panicked but thanks to your e-book, the easy to follow drying and curing process saved my produce.




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