Since female plants, unlike males, typically have a higher THC content, the idea behind feminizing your plants is to increase the number of females in your crop and thus take priority. Seed feminization describes a number of pollination strategies in order to tip the scale in your favor. If you do have some spare funds and do not feel up to the challenge, you can also buy feminized seeds from cannabis seed companies. In this article, you learn about how to feminize marijuana seeds also you will get some ideas in this content. 

How to Feminize Marijuana Seeds

Make sure the business from which you are buying is reputable. This is the best online shop for seeds. Feminization includes three types: silver thiosulfate, colloidal silver, and modelization. Each one must end up giving you mainly female plants effectively when done properly out. At this point, you are probably thinking that the 70 percent male and 30 percent female average is very disappointing. Many producers will agree with you. Regrettably, you don’t have much control over the gender of your potential plants when you use normal fertilization methods. This is why many take precautions to make it even more likely that they will only be given female plants.

Silver Thiosulfate method

The technological breakthrough has become extremely common when using STS, and it’s a good one because it’s highly efficient. How to feminize marijuana seeds were permitted to be discovered everywhere, indicating that feminized cannabis seeds can be purchased by the average developer. Better yet, we can all rest easy knowing that, instead of the hit-or-miss feminized seed market of days past, they are likely adequately feminized. So what is Thiosulfate Silver? It’s a half-and-half mixture of silver nitrate and sodium thiosulfate. It causes a stress hormonal response in the plant that activates a sex change.

Unfortunately, it includes a little bit more than soaking your plants in silver thiosulfate. You should first make the decision which plants you will use. All of them should be female and from a single strain, and almost mature. Then just take one of them, differentiate it from the lot, spray it with STS, let it drain, and then substitute it with your sister plants next to it. That plant is beginning to look very anxious. It’ll turn brown and you might be worried about how close it looks to death. Five days later, though, its revival will begin. 

A plant can complete its transformation to being male in one month. You can just brandish the newly produced male plant right over female plants, thus fertilizing the female plants. Also because the new male plant used to be female, female pollen is currently the pollen it offers. That implies these fertilized female plants will generate how to feminize marijuana seeds after just a couple of weeks. Though its procedure seems properly functioning, particularly in comparison to other techniques you may have heard of, this does not mean that on your first attempt you will succeed. Fortunately for you, breeders from whom you may want to buy always ensure that every batch of seeds, along with the whole process, is effective. Consequently, they will give you seeds that you can rely upon. Reportedly, 99% is the rate of highest-end feminized seeds having a feminization, so this technique is a huge help to the cannabis market.

Colloidal Silver method

You will need a very minimal quantity of colloidal silver and filtered water for this process. Put the former into the latter, then add the resulting mixture to your female plants when they are flowering, using a spray bottle. Pollen sacs will start forming the plants. The pollen includes genetic material that is fully female, making it extremely likely that the seeds of marijuana produced by the plant would be female. That was the simple way the process was represented. In reality, doing it is much more complicated and needs much more data. You need to have 9-volt batteries and connector, alligator clips, and soldering iron, in addition to pure silver and purified water. Does that sound like too much trouble? The next stage of the process is to attach the device and its connector, ensuring you have no trouble spending the time and money locating these ingredients. To form the best electrical charge, weld the alligator clips onto the red and black wires. Then attach them to the silver you’ve got. Bring the silver coins into another distilled water, without letting the liquid contact the alligator clips or wires. 

As the water is distilled, instead of interacting with other ions, this will allow the silver ions to merely float around in the water. Enclose this for seven hours or longer, the longer the greater, as the colloidal silver content will rise. That being said, leaving it for too much will cause massive molecules to become too large. You can spray your plants at this point and allow the process of feminization to come about. After they have entered their flowering stage, spray them every day until they have started forming male pollen sacs. While the timing will vary, it will take less than two weeks. When you see the sacs, execute the above directions to fertilize your plant naturally.

Rodelization method

Females will eventually start to develop pollen sacs without the presence of male fertilization when they experience stress or are near the end of their lives after not being fertilized. The normal response of females when they are undergoing stress is part of that system. This is a basic evolutionary reaction that encourages plants that have never been fertilized to begin their “bloodline.” Since the subsequent seeds come from female genetics alone, the chance that they are female seeds is much greater than normal. Rodelization actively allows this mechanism to come about, growing the chances of female seeds dramatically. It is usually an easier process than using the colloidal silver form, although it can be tricky. Since it’s a fully natural operation, to act appropriately, you will need to rely on your plant and that can be risky. The purpose of the modelization strategy is to hold your female plants for far longer than usual, much longer than when you might usually harvest, in their flowering stage. The plants should have a normal response to “panic” when left this late and leap into the mode of self-pollination. As soon as the pollen sacs begin to emerge, as mentioned above, you can extract the pollen naturally. 

Decide which buds and colas with this pollen you would like to glaze with. The primary downside of this technique is its lack of reliability-even though all goes well, the seeds can not be feminized anyway. Because of this uncertainty and the idea that leaving your plants well past the optimum harvesting period in the flower initiation will not support the harvest itself, you have to think very carefully about whether this is the approach for you or not. This method is preferred by many growers because it is natural, and maybe they are already organic producers. Some strains would also perform better for this technique than others. As you are able to read about how to feminize marijuana seeds you learn more ideas now share this with your friend so that they some ideas too.