There’s a number of reasons why people want to flush marijuana out of their system. The most common situation is a required drug test for an employment application. For some, they just need a tolerance break and a good detox. Whatever the reason might be, there are quick and easy ways to flush marijuana out of your system. Before jumping in, we need to understand that when you smoke marijuana, our body processes it to give us the “high”, the by-product of those are those compounds that got you high, which is the THC. The psychoactive component of the marijuana responsible for that high. These compounds are turned into metabolites; these are cells that linger in our body until they are expelled. Those metabolites leave the bloodstream and work their way out through the bladder, bowels, or through sweating. Cannabis metabolites, unlike other drug metabolites, can get stored in fat rather than going straight out of your body in days. This also means that there is no quick way to flush out the weed from your body. A simple fact is that if you have the time, you can do a simple detox. Simple as that.

Here are ways to get the drug toxins out of your body naturally. These steps may take 7 days or longer, but it is proven to get them out. If you have heavy amounts of metabolites then it may take longer.

  1. Go for the natural detox. Do not rely on fancy detox pills and kits.
  2. Drink lots of water. Double your intake per day if you can. Water helps increase your metabolism, speed up the elimination of toxins, and flush them out of your body.
  3. Daily exercise. It is one of the best ways to pass a drug test. Higher levels of body fat and extra weight increases the chance for THC to stay longer in stored fat cells.
  4. Go to the sauna. A sauna session for at least 10 to 20 minutes will be beneficial to your body, not just for the drug test.
  5. Change your diet. Stay away from greasy, rich, and processed food. Eat more fiber-rich food like fruits and vegetables. Get the right nutrients for the body to function at its maximum potential.
  6. Drink lots of tea and lemon juice. Both these beverages have natural detoxing agents. You can choose from green tea, jasmine, black tea depending on your liking. A few cups a day will increase the number of electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamin c. All these will increase your metabolism and help you detox naturally.
  7. Lastly, abstain from marijuana. This is the surest way to get THC out of your system. It will not be easy but remember to detoxify every occasionally as your body needs a refresher every now and then.

Whether you are a heavy weed user, occasional user, or medical marijuana patient, with or without needing to pass a drug test. A natural detox will work wonders for your system.