How to Maintain Pot Plants

Maintaining pot plants does not end with watering, supplying them with nutrients, and exposing them to light as well as protecting them from pests. To come up with your desired weed plant that will produce more potent buds, you have to learn a few things more. This is where our E-book comes in. You will be introduced to a lot of techniques that you can use to make sure that you will not only succeed in growing healthy cannabis crops but also to maximize the yield potential of your crops. It pays to know more especially if you’re into marijuana growing.

Pruning has made a lot of wonders for my marijuana yield. They have more buds courtesy of the additional stems that resulted from pruning. I used to do pruning before but the tips given by this book on how to prune properly made all the difference to me.


Training for a low profile and pruning. (page 478)

Pruning and training needed for a low profile. (specific items needed) (page 478)

Complete and easy to understand illustrated steps that lead you step-by-step through the pruning and training needed for a low profile. (page 479)

Grow Your Own Cannabis Using Paperclip Training Methods

An in-depth look at techniques in regards to paperclip training. (page 483)

5 Advantage you are provided using methods of paperclip training—reasons it is important to learn these techniques if your goal is targeted on an excessive amount of tasty, colorful, sweet smelling, long-haired bud. (page 483)

I didn’t like pruning cos it destroys the natural built of my weed plants and makes them bushy so I used the training tips given by this book on how to prevent my weed plants from growing too tall and also how to maximize the light in my grow room. This book really helps and knows what it’s talking about.




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