We all know that when it comes to food, just about anything that has butter tastes really good. Butter completely complements and enhances food, giving it more depth in flavour and complexity. Even the simplest vegetable sautéed in butter tastes extra good. Butter is a medium used for cooking, baking and creating sauces and so much more. Now, this is the fun part, do you know that marijuana and butter can volt in for double the goodness? It is called “Cannabutter”. A cannabis-infused regular butter that is often used to make marijuana edibles such as brownies, cupcakes, and other baked cannabis goodies. Cannabutter is one of the simplest ingredients and a common way to create marijuana edibles today. You do not need to be a master chef to make a legit cannabutter. We will show you how to make your own in a few easy steps. With these instructions, you can create your own personal cannabis-infused recipes and edibles easily. 

Step 1

Start by decarbing your cannabis. It is a process called decarboxylation. Decarbing will allow the THC and CBD and the rest of the cannabinoids to activate. It also allows for lipids in butter and oil to easily bind with the weed to get the maximum infusion. Grind an ounce of marijuana; make it fine but not too much. It should look similar to rolling it in a joint. Place the weeds in a glass baking dish or a sheet pan. Heat oven to 240 degrees and bake for about 40 minutes. Turn the sheet pan around once in a while to ensure that heat is distributed evenly. You will know that it is ready when the weed turns crumbly and dry.

Step 2

With a medium saucepan, simmer to boil a quart of water and 4 sticks of butter. When the butter is completely melted, add in the 1 ounce of decarboxylated cannabis. Mix well using a wooden spoon and cover with a lid. On a very low heat, simmer the mixture for about 3 hours. Gently stir and check to make sure that the butter is not burning.

Step 3

After 3 hours of gentle simmering, strain the butter mixture using a cheesecloth or metal strainer. Allow the butter to cool into room temperature. When the butter is completely cool, place it in the fridge until the butter has risen to the top layer and has become solid. Run a knife to the edge to lift the butter off. Remove the excess cooking water and your weed butter is now ready. Store butter in the desired container and refrigerate. 

Cannabutter is perfect for your breakfast toast or pancakes and waffles. It will also be great to use for baking your moist canna-brownies. Some use it to heighten up pasta dishes or use to flower their favorite popcorn. As most cannabis will tell you, cannabutter is the cornerstone of almost any marijuana edible treat. Apart from the fact that it is very easy to make, you can use it with just about any food you want to cook. Just remember and be responsible enough to let people know what it is made of if you plan to share.