How to Make Nutrient Solution Easy?

The easy guide to learn about the dissolved solid or nutrients for your plants is completely and clearly detailed in our Marijuana Growing -book. If you need to know about the correct EC measurements and ph levels to make nutrient solutions with ease, it is time to get a copy of this e-book. You will be able to save time and money in the long run because you will get precise information that ensures healthy vegetation and quality crop. Mixing the right nutrient solutions is vital in growing process. Over fertilization can cause your plants to wither and leave you with nothing, so grab a copy now.

Learn everything that you need to know about the Electric Conductivity or also called the EC. Give out exactly what is needed so that way you won’t get confused when you’re growing and can grow a fantastic weed. Page 298

There are easy to grow marijuana seeds available now, but the proper care that your plants need from seedling to harvesting is another story. With the help of marijuana growing e-book, I can commercially produce great and high yielding buds. The nutrient and fertilizer information in this book makes me happy every harvest season.


Learn about the dissolved solids and the total of them plus find out about the PPM or parts per million in this easy guide. Learn about a way that is successful and easy when it comes to yielding quick and easy. Page 299

EC and PPM measurements are demystified in this part. Page 299

Find out all that you need to about EC, PPM, TDS and all that is involved with them. Page 300

Calculate the factor with the conversion that is the easy way. Page 302

Should the organic growers need to worry about the EC meters? Learn how to avoid stress and dodge any kind of confusion. Page 302

A basic guide about the EC conversion factor chart. Page 303-304

Learn all about the combo meters. Page 304

How to tell whenever the PPM/EC might be very low or either way too high. This can help to avoid the buds from accidently growing so people won’t leave disappointed thinking that it could have been a little bit stronger. Learn how to use the fertilizer. Page 310

I needed stealth marijuana growing because I live in an urban area. The marijuana growing e-book provided me different growing options given my limited space and situation. I also learned the proper feeding of nutrients to have potent and strong flowers. This e-book rocks, it is definitely a marijuana growers best friend.




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