Instead of only planting them in the field and letting them do their job, there are several reasons to place marijuana seeds. You often have some unused seeds from your new favorite strain and don’t have the storage space to plant them where you live. Often, once you have the time and resources for your plantation project, you buy seeds for future use. You’re just stocking up often for an unforeseeable world. You need to be sure that those cannabis seeds remain viable in the how-to store marijuana seeds long-term whatever the cause. Monitored properly seeds will last and continue to survive for up to five years, and some strains have been recorded to grow for 10 years or more. Proper storage, though, is not as simple as it would seem, as seeds are searching for some reason to start flowering, and there is a range of things that tell the seeds that the time to spread out their roots and branches is right. Place your seeds in the wrong circumstances and by the time you are ready to add them to the ground, they may end up dead, decaying, or unhealthy.

Best Guide On How To Store Marijuana Seeds Long Term


The temperature is the primary factor when it comes to storing your seeds for future growth. Heat in nature is what tells the plant that the winter is over, meaning it’s time to break open and immediately send down roots and shoots. This implies that the plant matter within the seed will start germination seed if your seed is not in the soil. The shell will break open, allowing moisture, bacteria, and insects out of the plant matter and in. The seed will start to rot without soil to survive in. Your best option is to position them in a separate unit or a position near the back if you are refrigerating your seeds.  It is very essential that for the long term, this level stays constant. The temperature fluctuates each time you open your refrigerator, which can affect the seeds over time. Although it is open for dispute whether freezing seeds is an efficient long-term storage strategy, unless you know precisely how and when to treat and prepare your seeds, we do not suggest it. The frozen water in the cells of the seed will otherwise spread, breaking the cell wall and destroying the seed.


You want to expose your plants, in addition to being dark, to as little oxygen and nitrogen as practicable. As well as the rodents that consume them, these gases are what developing plants breathe. Keep your jar is sealed as necessary if you’re refrigerating your seeds. Ok, even better if you have any suction plastic on hand.


Light tells the seed to wake up, just like heat and moisture, because it’s time to spring up. Even if it’s a halogen lamp within your fridge and not the sunlight itself, the inherent enthusiasm of the seed can still start flowering. The surface of the seed can also be affected by light exposure over time, which in turn can harm what is stored beneath. The answer is to store your seeds in a dark or transparent bag, just like preserving marijuana flowers and other things. They would keep snoozing in the long run without light exposure.


Naturally, some marijuana strains and some particular samples of those strains develop seeds that are tougher and longer-lasting than the others. This is how far you can anticipate your seeds to stay viable, so be careful to do some study in advance.

Storing Cannabis Seeds is Important

These seeds are clearly relevant to plant performance. If they aren’t properly stored, they won’t germinate when you plant them. On the other side, if you store them correctly, they’re good to go forever. For years, some growers held seeds. However, leaving a few seeds in preservation for less than a year is normal, particularly when there are restrictions to how often you can develop at one time. There’s no need to waste these extra seeds, just learn how and when to store them properly. With the correct storage process, marijuana seeds could last 5-10 years.  Sowing is necessary for several reasons. Someone that just produced their own high-quality genetics would want the seeds to replicate the strain.

Some people living in regions with a lot of cannabis advocacy and legalization are currently stocking up seeds of their favorite strains to cultivate when it’s safe in the future. Whether your justification for getting seeds, note that it’s one of the most crucial matters you will do for your crop. As mention above it is most important on how to store marijuana seeds long term so that they will never be faded as will never go down.