How to Transplant Cannabis

When you grow marijuana plants in soil using pots, time must come that you have to transplant them to a bigger pot or container for them to flourish mire and their growth not stunted. But transplanting weed plants at whatever stage needs special care to make sure that their roots are not destroyed and the stress to the pot plant is minimized. It is not a devil may care procedure so you have to know the essentials of transplanting your marijuana plants the right way. Let us help you on that when you buy our Growing elite Marijuana E-book.

This e-book gave me everything I need to know about Metal halide, and High pressure sodium lights.  Choosing the best HID light for my indoor weed plants has become much easier.  Now I don’t have problems with how bright the light should be because everything is laid out in the book.


This section was made just so you will know when you should get a bigger container and change it to a pot that is bigger. The root system should have a container so it grows strong and healthy. If not, it might become weak and stunted from being cramped in a small container that won’t allow it to grow the right way.

Learn when you should transplant the plant to ensure that the plant remains healthy. Page 173

Learn a new method to ensure that you will only have to transplant everything only ONE time. Doing it over and over again could cause stress to the plant. Page 174

How to transplant it step by step. Page 175

Find out what container should be the prime one for the transplantation to be successful. Page 175

Discover what the plant needs and what it requires what after it is transplanted so that it won’t dye right away.

Learn some incredible techniques about how to maximize the growth of the root when it’s in the soil containers for it to produce the buds so that they are dusted with the trichomes. Page 175

Learn the secret to make sure that there is water and oxygen filtration so that the soil is able to develop properly. Page 176

Find out all about aeration and what you need to know with the oxygen plus the plant roots. However, if you want to be smoking weed that is ditch forever, go ahead and skip this part. Page 177.

Here are some more growing tips that are advanced

This e-book gave away important tips on how to effectively transplant my weed plants from looking for the signs when it is time to transplant, to taking care of the roots, as well as to prepare the pot where to transplant my cannabis plants. Very detailed and really helpful!




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