Hydroponic Pot

Getting familiar with terms such as conversion factors, EC meters, TDS and PPM measurements might surprise inexperienced marijuana growers. What have these got to do with cannabis farming? Discover and learn everything you want and you need to know about electric conductivity, conversion charts and dissolved solids. Growing Marijuana E-book will provide you complete, easy to understand and non-confusing presentation of these important hydroponics growing terms. You will be able to grow the best weeds in your hydroponic pot proficiently with the valuable guides and information in our book. We guarantee that with our e-book you can be a certified and specialized marijuana grower.

You’ll find 14 steps of what to do with your wattage and how to make your electricity bill very low so that the electric company won’t start getting curious about what you’re doing.

Dealing with insects, diseases, strong odour and sudden temperature changes are serious problems especially if you have big enormous buds that are ready for harvest in a few weeks time. With your e-book, there is a real and actual solution to every setback. I am very satisfied with the purchase of this e-book.


Learn everything you need to know about the electric conductivity also known as EC. Find out what you need to know so that way you won’t have to worry about being confused and can grow the best weeds. Page 298

Make things simple and easy to understand with learning about dissolved solids plus the parts that are per million. Find out what you need to know so that way you can have a very quick and easy yielding grow. Page 299

Learn about EC and PPM Measurements demystified. Page 299

Discover everything about PPM, TDS, plus EC and get all of the facts about them. Page 300

Learn how to measure the meters that use TDS and what to look out for when want to grow a bud that is deep and has a smell that is dank so that it is dusted with crystals that are sticky. Page 300

Discover everything that you need to know about the conversion factor. Page 302

Should you worry or even think about EC meters? Could it be a stress that you don’t need? Page 302

The basics about the EC conversion factor chart. Pages 302-304

Learn everything that you need to know about the combo meters and how to grow weed. Page 304

Figure out if the PPM/EC might be very high or if it could possibly be too low. This can prevent you from growing buds so people don’t leave feeling disappointed. Page 308

How to figure out the PPM with the fertilizer. Page 310

Giving the appropriate amount of fertilizer and nutrient to my crop was always my dilemma during my early years of growing marijuana. I am not a commercial grower, so I just based everything on guesswork and intuition. Thanks to your e-book, no more guessing games, everything is precise now including good harvest.




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