Learn Everything About Marijuana

Before you even think of growing marijuana, you must have a pretty solid idea on what exactly is a cannabis plant and what are its distinct characteristics. Reading short articles may not be enough to communicate to you the special insights that you need to know about this wonderful plant so you need have right at your disposal the best and most informative guide that will tell you everything you need to know about marijuana plants. Get the information you need straight from the expert in weed growing through this e-book. Everything you need to know about cannabis is right there and you no longer need to scour the internet for bits and pieces of information.

It’s amazing what this e-book thought me about marijuana plants! Everything is very detailed all my questions have been answered. Before, it took me hours just to surf answers for my questions about marijuana plants but with this e-book I got all the answers to my questions in no time at all.


When you decide you want to smoke less and get stoned, then it is time to read through this chapter to learn about growing weed before you start your crop. If the grower does not have a plan before they plant their seeds it can be extremely difficult to have a good crop without advise that is proven to work.

There is nothing to worry about with this grow book, because all the junk is left behind and is found in other grow books that are technical to the point that it becomes too confusing to even bother with. Instead this section of the book is exciting to read and the grower will have a clear cut plan, without all the technical talk that readers don’t get and put the book down. The chapter begins with educating the reader about the different parts of the weed plant and then each phase of growth during the plants life cycle and more.

Reading the book there is information of the parts of the marijuana plant that include what trichomes are, root hairs, and internodes. These are all clear in their description and have labeled illustrations, along with “micro photography” that are close ups no grower can pass up looking at. This chapter is important to read, so that going forward the reader won’t get lost, not to mention they will have some expert knowledge about growing weed plants and what they are looking at on the plant.

I never knew there were three parts of marijuana buds before until I bought this growing marijuana e-book. The tips and guides are also very detailed I never had a problem growing weed by following them. It’s magnificent that you guys came out with this e-book!




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