LED Lighting For Pot

Did you know that a 90 watt LED light has the same output power as a 400 watt HPS or MH bulb? Bet you didn’t know that until now! LED lights have created a stir in indoor lighting of weed plants a few years back and continue to dominate other lighting options up to now. Using LED lighting has many benefits foremost of which is their low electric consumption. But its use is not as simple as just installing them. You must of course know what type of LED lights will benefit your cannabis plants and when to use them in both vegetative and blooming stage.

LED lighting is one of the choices that the indoor grower can use to duplicate the sunlight of the outdoor pot plants. In this section of the book the new grower or the experienced grower will find information about this type of lighting that will benefit their pot plants in a way they grow dense crystal covered buds that have the potency smokers want. Lighting is the most crucial part of indoor pot plants and learning about it in a no nonsense way and without the technical talk will make any grower an expert in lighting and knowing why certain lighting setups work.

I’m a little picky when it comes to the type of lights I use in my grow room and most often preferred the more expensive kinds to make sure that my weed plants get the most light exposure. This e-book however gave me more solid ideas about the use of LED and it opened my eyes to its many potentials.


Learn all there is to know about LED grow lights for growing, why they are used, how they work and whether they are hot or cool to make indoor pot plants the best they can be on page 95.

Find out what benefits there are and the disadvantages of using LED lights for the indoor pot plant growth stages on page 96.

Learn about light technology with LED lights verses HID lighting and which is better for the pot plants and why it is better on page 98.

Simple yet astonishing! This is how I would describe this e-book. I learned a lot from it than any other growing and lighting tips given by other authors. The section on lighting is especially beneficial to me as it is where I made a lot of mistakes in the past. You have a cool e-book and more people should know about it.




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