Lighting Types For Weed

There are so many lighting types that can be used to grow marijuana indoors and this you know of course. What you probably haven’t figured out yet is exactly what type of light will be needed in every stage of growing marijuana. Should you use the same lighting when they sprouted up to the vegetation and flowering stage? Definitely no! Our e-book will introduce you to the lighting types needed to grow cannabis indoors complete with pictures and some illustrations to make you better understand each light’s importance and how to use them effectively.

I’ a noob with low budget but still invested in this book because I didn’t want to make mistakes especially with the quite technical side of lighting. I’m very happy I made the right decision to buy this book and it really helped me a lot with my indoor ganja growing.


Find out what the simple method is to test bulb temperature, without any equipment to know if it is harmfully affecting the marijuana plants on page 111.

Learn how to clean and maintain light hood and bulbs the right way on page 110.

Learn about why more light can mean more buds and how moving the plants closer to the bud state the more risk there is of heating up and burning. Find out how to get the lights as close to the plant tops without harm and watch them grow on page 111.

Find out the experts tips on grower’s lamp height and distance for different wattages and bulb types and watch the buds grow! Learn about this on page 111.

Learn about the perfect distance to start the plants with on page 111.

Avoid watching delicate seedlings bend, wilt and stretch, by learning how this can happen, what to do immediately and how to avoid it on page 112.

Learn how to focus the light where the marijuana plants need it the most on page 113.

Learn about the tricks of illumination in places grower’s would not guess, to grow large potent buds on page 113.

Learn about the best kind of reflectors and shape for marijuana plants, and then the grower knows just what they need before buying any on page 114.

Find out how to clean a reflective hood to get the best constant light and reflectivity on page 114.

Learn the two efficient techniques to have the best light effectiveness for the plants for a large potent yield at harvest on page 114.

Learn what type of light hoods not to use that every grow shop carries, and will push them as the best, but they actually will hold back weed plant growth. Know what to get and learn why on page 115.

Learn about the best light reflector hood and know what to look for when purchasing one on page 115.

Learn about matching blubs and ballasts to avoid growing disasters on page 116.

Learn about operating voltages on page 116.

Find out all you need to know about conversion blubs on page 117.

Read the guide for everything you will ever need to know about replacing grow lamps on page 118.

Learn when a MH or HPS bulb needs to be replaced and what the symptoms are on page 118.

Read the light bulb life span chart that has all of the popular marijuana growing bulb types that are sold on page 119.

Don’t burn the bulbs out, find out how to replace the bulbs the right way. Pg. 106

I got swayed by those who say HID is the best until I received my electric bill. With my growing marijuana e-book, I learned about the more economical way of using lights in my grow room. The combination of light colours and techniques to maximize illumination without installing additional lights really helped me a lot.




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