Lighting Wattage and Coverage For Your Plants

When you grow marijuana plant indoors, you have to take into consideration the strength and right wattage needed by your plants. Too much light can kill them and poor lighting conditions can also spell disaster to your weed growing venture. So how do you make sure you have the right kind of light in your grow room? Find out as we explain in our growing marijuana e-book the many lighting requirements of your weed plants. You need more than just the basics to learn how to determine the lighting needs of your crop and this is what you will get from reading this book.

I only replace bulbs when they get conked out and didn’t know that it has an effect to my weed plants. With this book, I learned when is the right time to replace defective lights even before they say bye-bye. It also made me more meticulous in choosing the kind of lights I use and to anticipate their effective lighting duration.


Learn about lighting wattage and how it affects the growth of the ganja plant on page 89.

Learn the truth about the light companies and how some of them might try to scam you with claims for the wattages which might be bogus on page 92

Find out the exact number you need to know when you want them to grow healthy and stealthy. Learn how to avoid having a raid at night with being able to know how many numbers of watts you can use on page 89

Learn about when the time comes that the bulb needs to be replaced. Find out when to replace it so that your plants will always get the exposure they need from the optimal light throughout the growth of the marijuana plant on page 89

Learn about lumens and find out about why they are essential to anyone that is serious with growing marijuana plants on page 90

How to figure out what kind of coverage your light needs and how much light it takes to make sure they grow on page 90

Learn about lumen output in depth on page 90

How to figure out what kind of lumen per watt ratio is needed and what kind of formula you need to use and why you need to use that kind on page 90

I grew weed plants in my small cabinet so the use of light is very important. I learned all about lighting needs, distance, wattage, brightness, etc from this book and very thankful for all the information I learned. It really helped me plenty.




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