Love Potion 1 Seeds is a Sativa dominant strain that wakes up your body and mind with its tantalizing aromas and fruity rich flavors. Developed by Reeferman Seeds, Love Potion #1, as its name suggests, serves as a potent aphrodisiac.

This lemon-scented Sativa Hybrid was achieved by cross-breeding G13  and Santa Marta Colombian Gold, the result of this cross was crossed this time with Colombian Gold. The resulting Love potion #1 showed densely structured buds, which contain the Love Potion #1 seeds used for propagations. It is also covered with olive greenish leaves and orange to brown hairs. Its flowers grow to a small to medium and are bunched together in an almost solid, globular nuggets.

Love potion #1’s unique combination of both physical and mental alertness makes it a great marijuana strain to do day related tasks and work as there is a tendency to be more analytical and creative using this strain.

Growing Love Potion #1 Seeds

Love potion #1’s THC content has been measured at approximately 8% to 18%. This plant can be grown either indoors or outdoors. To make this plant thrive, it must be given semi-humid conditions and it should be exposed to total darkness daily, thus if growing indoors, no ambient light should be present in the nighttime, thus making this plant very sensitive to lighting conditions.

In 9 to 12 weeks you can expect to see the plant begin flowering. This usually produces yields up to 1 to 3 oz per square foot, which is relatively considered an average yield for this strain.

When starting your own cannabis garden, make sure you purchase good quality Love Potion #1 seeds from reliable sources and prepare your planting garden and soil mix ahead of time. Once these seeds are germinated, it is now ready for transplanting to your intended growing area.                 

Effects Of Love Potion #1 Weed

GDP’s effect hits fast. Starting with tingles in the neck and face until it envelopes the whole body. Soon mental alertness is prevalent as one is consciously aware of everything that surrounds him. This active state is best if some work-related tasks are at hand as one tends to be more analytical and creative at the same time. It eventually brings an unreal calmness that brings the whole body into a state of utmost relaxation. This calmness, according to quite a number of respondents enhances the user’s libido making it a great partner weed.

Love potion #1’s smoke would be described as rough and pungent which may cause coughing for the newbies. However upon exhaling, what comes out is a fresh, lime aroma reminiscent of fresh morning dew.

Love Potion #1’s effects have made it earn the title of Best Sativa in the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup, making it a sought after strain.

Love Potion 1 Seeds As An Organic Medicinal Option

Several medical cannabis patients also use Love potion #1 as an alternative option for treating disorders. The full-body high the users experience is used to relieve aches and pains, both temporary and chronic. The numbing effect it gives both soothes muscular pains and joint disorders. Its mood-enhancing characteristics could also offer a temporary relief to people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. This temporary respite from their ailment could altogether make the patients forget about their depression and stress. Love Potion #1 also has anti-inflammatory properties that can remove users headaches and nausea. And since this strain enhances a users thinking in a way that there could be a sudden influx of multiple thoughts at the same time, this is not recommended for patients suffering from panic attacks and paranoia.