Marijuana Breeding Methods

Breeding marijuana plants is one reason why we have a lot of strains right now. It is the sole and most important means to propagate cannabis varieties. If you are a grower and chanced upon an ideal strain that produced your desired weed plants, chances are you want to propagate it and produce the same strain with the same features. To do this, you have to learn how to spot an ideal strain for breeding. Its genetic composition is very important as well as its source. There are also different breeding techniques like asexually or sexually doing it. Using our e-book, you will learn everything you need to know about marijuana breeding methods and more.

I was especially interested in learning how to effectively conduct asexual propagation and got everything I needed to know about it from this e-book. It’s fairly easy if you have a material like this that will teach you anything you need to know.


Learn how to get more seed from your marijuana crop to keep growing the strain in an easy to read step by step guide beginning on page 620.

Find out about seeds and genetic blueprints and other important information a grower will need to know when developing your own strains on page 621.

Learn about the process that professional seed breeders use that is done to improve the strain varieties in a format that is clear and easy to understand to be able to copy their technique to have awesome bud on page 621.

Developing a strain, find out a way that is a foolproof technique to save an exact genetic copy of any plant on page 622.

Find out about selecting the wrong parent and why it can ruin a good seedline when breeding. Learn how to pick the perfect parent every time instead of wasting money with the detailed step by step guide on page 622.

Learn how easy it can be to make your first strain cross when following the step by step guide on page 623.

Learn all there is to know about breeding to make seeds on page 624.

Find out how it is possible to cross your special two female plants to start a new strain of seeds that will produce all female plants. Learn all about this cross to have all sinsemilla seeds on page 624.

Find out how to produce mail flowers correctly on page 624.

Learn all you need to know about making seeds with the step by step instructions in the Compressive Guide on page 625.

Find out what the crucial guidelines are for selection of viable parents on page 626.

Learn about the lighting schedule needed when breeding male plants and how long lights will need to be on. If this schedule is not followed the flowering cycle will stop and pollen production will also stop within a couple days. Find out what you need to know on page 626.

Learn about two pollination techniques in detail on page 627.

Find out what you need to know about pollen collecting with a fully illustrated guide that will lead you through the guide with picture by picture details on page 628.

Learn how to store pollen properly for genetic purposes and freshness on page 626.

Don’t be confused about creating your first hybrid crop and see how easy playing with marijuana genetics can be done easy and without being lost even if you are a new grower on page 633.

Learn all about the detailed breakdown of crossing on page 634.

Find out all you need to know about backcrossing, how it is and what it is on page 634.

Learn what cubing is in a simple format on page 635.

Learn all about altering genetics, taste and smell like strawberry, orange, blueberry and others and find out what the top ingredient is on page 635.

See Part One to learn about developing a breeding strategy and breeding goals on page 635.

Learn how to choose the correct breeding stock, which is critical and broken down into easy steps that are in full detail on page 636.

Get in-depth information about female marijuana plants on page 636.

Learn everything you need to know about male marijuana plants on page 637.

Find out all you need to know about adding bud flavors without guessing with full details on page 647.

Find out about cubing a clone, what the advantages and disadvantages are, what to do and how to do it with a detailed guide on page 639.

See the complete step by step cubing procedure on page 640.

Find out what the goal is for cubing a strain on page 641.

Find out what master convergent improvement is and why it is so important for the marijuana strain breeder to know on page 641.

Learn all about creating a true breeding strain with the complete detailed guide that will take the breeder step by step on page 641.

Learn about genetics and applying pressure and the critical steps that will guarantee great marijuana plants on page 644.

Find out the best ways to select and isolate a strain for its traits that will make great plants in an easy and clear format on page 650.

Learn what inbred lines F1,and F2 are on page 645.

Learn how to backcross a special female correctly on page 645.

Learn about cubing and backcrossing, what it is and what the results are on page 646.

See what the critical steps are to be successful with the advanced genetic manipulation methods on page 647.

I thought breeding marijuana plants is as simple as mating male and female weed plants until I learned that I also need to check on their genetic qualities and other characteristics to make sure that I have the right mix. The IBL information is also very useful and really helped me in choosing what strains are the best to cross breed.




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