Marijuana Cloning

Cloning marijuana plants have become the craze for several years now and many growers want to try their hands in propagation method. There are many advantages as well as disadvantage of cloning weed plants and therefore it is best to understand first why you should do it in the first place. You have to understand that not just any strain can or should be cloned and if you do decide to clone, you must have the necessary know how to do it properly. Our growing Elite Marijuana E-book will give you the entire picture about cloning and from there you can decide if it is for you or not.

I did several cloning before and failed for most part because the cuttings did not live long enough for the roots to take hold. It was only when I followed the steps given in this book that I was able to succeed 100% with all my cuttings. Thanks to the makers of this truly wonderful guide to marijuana growing.


Marijuana cloning offers benefits that are not the same as starting from seeds and will provide the grower with a continuous supply of female plants. The marijuana grown from clones is healthy, and it is also an exact genetic copy of the mother plant, the potency, the crystal covered buds and other features. Cloning will reduce the growing time until the plant can be harvested and it can be a way to have a non-ending garden.

Learn why cloning is not right for every grower and in some cases can hinder growers plans on page 208.

Find out what the benefits of cloning are on page 209.

Learn how to start seeds from VS clones on page 211.

Learn what the advantages are of starting a crop with clones on page 213.

Find out what disadvantages there are of using clones to start a crop on page 214.

Learn about the advantages of starting a marijuana crop with seed on page 215.

Find out what the disadvantages are of using seeds to start a marijuana crop on page 215.

Learn consistency when cloning on page 209.

Find out about genetic drift, caused by improper cutting that can affect clones and ruin the crop on page 210.

Find out about “bonsai mothers” and how their clones can create the best and most potent buds on page 216.

Find out about how to make clones that will grow buds that have a great taste, sweet aroma, with large hairs and terrific color on page 216.

Find out how to make a super mother on page 216.

Learn what the top pros know about environmental growth conditions, feeding, the mother plant and other techniques to have a fast maturing clone with great buds on page 217.

Learn how to choose the best mother for amazing stains on page 217.

Have the best strains and avoid problems when taking clones from a mother that is flowering on page 218.

Find out when to cut a clone for the best growth and potency on page 218.

Learn how many clones it take at one time that will be great mature plants on page 218.

Learn what perpetual harvesting is, how great it will be to have a non-ending supply of marijuana on page 219.

See what the difference is between hydroponic clones and soil clone growth, potency and taste on page 220.

I never tried cloning before and probably won’t do it in the near future. After what I’ve read in this e-book, I’m more inclined to grow from seeds instead of clones because I still have issues on my weed plants as of now.




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