Marijuana Genetics

Growing marijuana plants also include being familiar with the genetics of the strain that you intend to grow. You will spend a considerable amount of time growing your weed plants so it is best to have a working idea on what to expect about it. Will it grow tall, short, or just about medium in height? Genetics play an important role in deciding how your cannabis plant will perform later so you should be familiar with its genealogy if it is a landrace, hybrid, F1, F2, and so forth. Our e-book will help you understand the genetic composition of different strains and give you the knowledge to choose the right weed genetics for your growing concern.

I always go for cannabis cup winners in choosing my weed seeds but I learned early on some of them are not ideal to be grown in my place. To avoid committing further mistakes, I bought this e-book. I followed its advice and now I have grown crops that did not give me any problems genetically.


This section of the book will show the advanced grower all the information they need to know about the advanced growing techniques that can be used. This the place for growers to learn about genetics and even producing your own strain of marijuana and genetic manipulation. This is where to learn about creating your own award winning strain that might even be the Cannabis Cup winner.

Learn everything you every need to know about genetics and marijuana in the detailed overview on page 612.

Find the Marijuana breeders glossary that has a formatted tool that is imperative for the grower that wants to get involved with genetics changing of their plants and it’s great to have ability to refer back to it every time you have a question. Learn all you need to know about marijuana genetics on page 612.

There so many information available about different marijuana genetics but all of them were on piece-meal basis and did not give enough me enough information. This e-book touched and explored everything I needed to know especially true breeding lines or IBL. I’ve used the techniques in this book and so far only have praises for it.




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