Marijuana Lighting and Timers

Efficiency is very important when it comes to giving your growing weed plants that light that they need on a regular and consistent basis. Give them erratic schedules of light exposure and you’re like inviting disaster in your grow room. We will show you the right amount of light needed as well as the length of time your pot plants should be exposed to it. Different indoor growing techniques require that you should know how to manipulate your grow lights and this is what our E-book will share with you. Be among the many that learned valuable lessons about the effective use of lights in cannabis indoor growing.

I used to do manual shutting of lights since I’m always at home but when I got sick and hospitalized for a week, all my weed plants wilted cos they had no light and water for a week. This e-book taught me how to install timers so I don’t have to be there always.


Learn about the amount of hours of light and darkness indoor weed requires, during all the stages of growth; germination, during the seedling stage, vegetative growth and the flowering stage on page 126.

There is no need for confusion or to stress out, when the best amount of hours to provide light to vegetative weed plants for optimal growth is on page 127.

Learn all about lighting timers for the weed plants that can provide what the plants need when they need it without the grower having to be there on page 128.

Learn how to setup a timer system to automate the lighting schedule for the weed plants to make lighting easy and for the best growth possible on page 128

Find out how using the wrong timer or setting the timer wrong can be fatal for the plants, because if the timer does not provide the light the plants can’t grow. There is a type of lighting timer that is the best and most reliable for weed growers and find out where to buy the timer experienced growers use on page 128.

I didn’t know how long I should expose my weed plants to light during vegetation to make them grow faster. With this e-book, I learned not only about vegetative lighting but all lighting needs during the entire growing stages of my marijuana plants.




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