Marijuana Lighting

Indoor growing lights need to be handled carefully to make sure that you don’t encounter problems later on. There are ways to install grow room lights properly both in terms of maximizing the light exposure of your weed plants as well as securing the safety of your electrical installations. Learn more than just the basics of marijuana lighting by reading our e-book. You get to know how to install them properly and safely with simple easy to understand reminders. Some people think they already know enough but you will be surprised that there are still a few important things you need to know about weed lighting needs in your grow room.

Lighting has always been my problem with my indoor marijuana plants and I spent a lot on electric bills just to populate my indoor garden with lights especially during the vegetative stage. But this e-book taught me otherwise and I learned about the strategic use of light to grow marijuana plants.


Learn about the light that emits the correct spectrum for growing big dense resin covered buds on page 101.

Caution: Find out about improper handling of bulbs that can be a real safety risk, since the oil from your hands can transfer to the bulb and when it is used and reaches a high temperature it can explode. That means glass shards can fly, which can cause injuries, so it is important to be safe when handling light bulbs and how to do this is detailed in this section of the book on page 102.

Learn how professional growers light their marijuana plants to get the heavy crystal covered buds every grower wants, find out how you can copy this method on page 103.

Find out what type of light to get, learn what the best type of light is to fit your budget and to provide the right light for your specific growing needs on page 102.

Most of the lighting techniques I learned from this e-book are not present in other materials and articles I read online. It is very detailed and did not leave any stones unturned. All my questions were answered and it made me concentrate on growing rather than looking for answers. Simply fantastic!




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