HID Lighting For Weed

The moment your seeds start to sprout, you already have seedlings and they must be planted on your chosen medium like soil. They can initially fit in a plastic cup and there continue to develop roots, stems and leaves. They also need nutrients at this time so you better be prepared to deal with this requirement. When the time comes, they have to be transplanted to a bigger container to accommodate the growing roots. All these steps are easier said than done and many growers experience failure in this stage. This e-book will help you get through this initial stage in growing weed plants.

The first time I grew marijuana I got excited when I saw the seedlings. My excitement didn’t last long as I killed my younglings through over-watering. I learned my lessons since then and used this e-book as a guide in handling my seedlings and it worked so well for me.


Once the plant starts to get big it might outgrow the container. The growth of the plant can be affected from being cramped. You’ll need to learn when is the best time to change the pot into a bigger one so that the root system grows very big on the inside of the container that you get. This will ensure that the plant grows healthy and flourishes plus produces buds that are healthy and frosty. This section will be talking about how frustrating things can be with this process regardless of how flawless and easy everything might be.

Learn when it’s time to transplant the plant. Find out the time the ultimate peak time because this will help with knowing what kind of harvest you’ll be having. Page 172

In order for the roots to survive they need to have an environment that is optimal. This means that the plants can grow faster plus turn out big in a healthy way. Page 173

Learn how to transplant the plant so that the recovery they have is speedy and fast and can easily overcome the recovery shock mode. Page 173

CAUTION: It’s vital to know when you must transplant the plant and know what kind of results you can get if the root growth process is slowed down. The buds might also end up being weak and impotent when things are not done right. Page 173

Some growing buds could smack you right upside your head. Find out how to feed the transplanted cannabis and what to expect. Page 173

Seedlings can grow from plastic cups and find out how to start growing them that way. Page 173

Avoid killing your crop with learning more about the drainage holes and exactly what it is that you need. Page 173

The containers need to be spaced in a certain way and find out what kind of way you need to do them. Page 165

Through this book, I got informed on when is the best time to plant my seedlings as when it is time to transplant them to bigger pots. The instructions were very clear and you cannot make a mistake by following its simple and easy steps complete with pictures.




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