It’s no secret that cannabis has been extensively used for the past couple of years for its wide range of medical properties. With the amount of research and development that people put into cannabis, it is easy to see why all these new ideas and innovations have been surfacing throughout the years. One of the main trends in today’s cannabis scene includes the breeding of various marijuana strains high in CBD. From the name itself, you could tell that these strains are developed for the purpose of providing CBD-induced effects on the user’s body. 

But just how exactly does the CBD compound affect a person’s overall health? Today, we do a little deep dive about this compound as well as find out what the best CBD strains are in today’s weed market. Let’s take a look:

An Overview of the CBD Compound:

Cannabidiol, which is commonly known as CBD, is one of the two main cannabinoid compounds found in every species of the cannabis plant. Along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is primarily responsible for causing the bulk of effects and medical benefits that are commonly associated with marijuana consumption. As opposed to the effects induced by THC, CBD is known to be a non-psychoactive compound that does not induce any disorienting or mind-altering effects. As such, consuming high-level CBD strains will not get smokers “high”.

So what exactly does CBD do? Well, the properties of CBD are geared more towards producing medical value to marijuana strains. Known for impacting the body’s overall performance, CBD tends to improve how the body works and promotes a healthier lifestyle for medical patients. Some common health benefits associated with CBD include: 

  • Improves the blood circulation around the body
  • Reduces risks of heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases
  • Improves lung capacity
  • Relieves pain and muscle inflammation
  • Promotes immunity and healthier skin
  • Works great for regulating sugar levels and blood pressure
  • Relieves anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms
  • Provides a soothing sensation that releases pressure in the body

On top of all of this, the CBD compound is a non-addictive compound which means that there is virtually no danger of abusing the said substance. 

How do people use CBD?

CBD-rich strains are often smoked in the form of joints and blunt just like ordinary recreational strains. Oftentimes, people also pack bowls full of these CBD strains and smoke them through bongs. However, doing so isn’t the only option there is. Many medical marijuana patients wish to reap the CBD benefits of a marijuana strain without having to actually experience the psychoactive effects that typically come with smoking it. Additionally, inhaling the smoke may cause other forms of problems especially to those who aren’t used to doing it. 

As a result, researchers have found ways on how to make use of the CBD contents of a cannabis plant without having to smoke it. The most common form is through oils and extracts. These things may simply be digested through the form of mixing it in with your food and drinks or applying it on your skin as a topical for the soothing sensations. Additionally, CBD-infused pills are also regularly given to medical patients as an upcoming form of treating various illnesses. Drugs such as Epidiolex and Sativex are known to contain levels of CBD that can help regulate a person’s health conditions. 


Here are our Top CBD Strains that we believe will give medical patients and recreational smokers alike great value for their money. From soothing effects to mildly enticing highs, these marijuana strains high in CBD are sure to satisfy any cannabis enthusiast out there!

  • CB AUTOFLOWER CHEESE – As one of Crop King Seeds’ best-selling CBD strains, the CB Autoflower Cheese is sure to give medical marijuana users everything that they could ever want in a CBD strain. The 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD (8% each) produces a very subtle and mental high that simultaneously soothes your muscles, bringing you a deep sense of relaxation. The strong body buzzes that you will be feeling courtesy of the high CBD levels make it a great pain-killing strain that treats conditions such as chronic pain, migraines, muscle spasms, and backaches. 
  • CB DREAM FEMINIZED – The tantalizing flavors and smooth smoke of this strain earned it a spot as a crowd favorite for many years now. The CB Dream Feminized strain will give users an uplifting and euphoric high that lasts throughout the day. With a balanced ratio of 6% THC and 6% CBD, this is a great everyday strain that you can use to add a little flair to your day. Smoking a joint of this before heading off to work will definitely give you the much-needed boost of energy, giving your body a nice refreshing sensation.
  • CB DUTCH TREATCB Dutch will undoubtedly catch users off-guard with the smoothness and the tastiness that it gives. This strain carries a CBD level that clocks in at an average of 8%. Along with a THC level of only 4%, this winning combination of a medical strain relieves any pain levels will great effectivity. Additionally, it also induces a very subtle mind high that works great in alleviating any symptoms of anxiety and depression. The uplifting effects of the CB Dutch Treat will fill your mind with positive thoughts, throwing any worries that you may have out the window. 
  • CANNATONICKnown colloquially as the best medical strain in the cannabis market today, Cannatonic has set the standard for CBD strains around the world. Lab tests have reported the CBD levels of this strain to reach an astounding 12% and a THC content of just 7%. While the cerebral effects of this strain can make for a trippy and somewhat mind-altering experience, it is nothing too overwhelming that completely disorients your way of thinking. As a result, Cannatonic makes for a great all-around strain that treats many forms of mental conditions. PTSD, ADHD, depression, and anxiety can all be alleviated by a few hits of Cannatonic. 
  • ACDCDespite having been named after one of the hardest rocking punk bands in history, the ACDC medical strain won’t get you feeling all that thunderstruck. In fact, it is actually a very smooth strain that offers soft buzzes of relaxation that covers your whole body in a state of calmness. Users can get as much as up to 20% CBD in this baby, often being a regular in medical marijuana dispensaries in both Canada and the USA. The high of this strain works well as an anti-inflammatory treatment for any discomfort that you may be feeling. Other common uses of this strain include treatment for arthritis, migraines, nausea, neuropathy, and bipolarity. 

CBD strains have proven to be very effective in dealing with a number of health conditions. As the whole world begins to see the many health benefits that cannabis has to offer, CBD strains will undoubtedly grow more and more popular as time passes. If you plan on using medical marijuana as an alternative method of treatment, then consider using CBD-rich strains. These will definitely give you all the therapeutic effects that you could need without being too overwhelming in the mind.