Marijuana Strains

There are so many marijuana strains for sale online and if you are not familiar with the specific strains that you need in your grow room, you might end up wasting precious time and money growing a strain with useless genetics. With this e-book you will know what are pure strains, cross breed, sativa, indica, and a lot of other information that will surely make you find your way and equip you with the knowledge to make the right decision in choosing your cannabis strains. Every detail when it comes to identifying and choosing the right strain is explained in a very concise manner so you won’t need any other material to read.

Cannabis strains differ and the in-depth information about the strains, include what strains will guarantee to get you high fast. Learn how each strains stoned feeling is like, learn what cannabis gets you high on the first or second hit and how it affects you. First the face will feel the high, then the chest and then it spreads to the rest of the body. This is high that within 10 to 15 minutes will be an all over body high. Learn about these cannabis strains on page 23.

It’s amazing how this e-book explained in very detailed and at the same time easy format everything I needed to know about marijuana strains. I knew very little about cannabinoids and THC but now I know the difference and used the information in choosing the best strain for me.


Learn about Indica vs. Sativa; the differences between the two, the high each has and how to grow each. This information is found on page 24.

Learn everything about Indica on page 25.

Learn everything about Sativa on pagee 26.

Get expert tips on how to choose the right strain for your growing needs on page 28.

Find out the supreme strains for the new grower on page 30.

Learn confidence in knowing what to look for when choosing cannabis seeds, like the growing height, indoors or outdoors planting, expected yield, potency, aroma, flowering time, location and all the other cannabis strain information on page 32.

Learn all about growing near the Equator and all about classic Kush on page 33.

Have an organized list of cannabis by the type of high, including the party cannabis, couch highs and psychedelic Sativa highs on page 34.

This is the only material I read that explained everything to me complete with pictures and easy to understand words. I bought this e-book for my cannabis growing thesis and now am seriously contemplating on growing marijuana using the strains explained here as guide in choosing what is right for my outdoor climate.




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