More Potency and Yield

The ultimate goal of every marijuana grower is to have more potent and higher yield. Find out the secret of top cannabis growers on how to increase the harvest. The Marijuana Growing E-book reveals the new techniques discovered by expert pot growers in the UK and other parts of the world from development of roots to foliage production and creation of heavenly flavors. Buy your own copy now of this e-book to discover which brand of nutrients are effective and which ones should be avoided. Different strain selections with guaranteed quality and massive yield can also be read in the book.

Learn about the things that growers can do to improve the yield and potency content of their cannabis crops. In the book this section has the time tested techniques that can give the grower everything they want and expect out of their crop.

The illustrations and colorful photographs in the book are very helpful. These make the instructions and guides easier to understand. It makes growing marijuana more enjoyable and more rewarding than before I discovered this e-book. Thank you for coming up this incredible growing guide. This e-book and I will be partners for a long time.


Find out what the easy and powerful method that top cannabis grower Mel Frank’s secret is to get many new buds. This simple method can increase the harvest and is being revealed here for readers of the book to try, find out what it is on page 678.

Find out what the 8 critical steps are to have dense big sticky resin covered buds with a large yield on page 655.

Learn about the 5 most important things that will help to grow strong light and crystal covered buds on page 656.

Get the information on the 8 most important facts to radically increase the harvest of the cannabis crop, the potency and the quality that will get you high fast without a hard crash starting on page 656.

Caution: find out what nutrient products say they produce higher yields, but can actually reduce the potency of the buds and create a strange taste that cannot be changed by flushing. Learn what brands and products to stay away from to have a great crop to smoke with detailed information on page 663.

Find out about using the exact amount of fertilizers that can give cannabis a smooth, but intense flavor that will have a great aftertaste, too learn about it read the how to on page 664.

Learn about the 5 additives that growers can use to make their yield significantly increase with no downside, find out what these are on page 665.

See what high N feeding can do to increase foliage production that makes bud smoke as good as it looks with some techniques that have been made simple to increase the yield on page 666.

Get high yields and extreme potent buds with the number one growing secret that has a powerful high that is social and energizing with a sweet taste. This is something that could be in the fridge right now waiting for the grower to increase the potency and yield of their crop on page 667.

Find out the technique that will help cannabis roots develop deep and dank aroma that produces sticky resin covered buds. There are some other tricks included in this section of the book to get even more out of your cannabis plants on page 668.

Learn about a technique that will cause root explosion overnight, the one hint the reader can get now is it will require a razorblade and a steady hand, find out what this is in a step by step guide on page 669.

Learn about strain selection that provides an enormous stem bending harvest it is perfect for indica and sativa mixes and know what to avoid when you want large potent buds on page 669.

Find out what the most crucial step is to take when growing indoor cannabis crops to guarantee a great yield of buds, which have a terrific taste and smell on page 670.

Learn the easy technique to have the best quality yield that won’t be found in other books, that is an easy technique to prune to increase yield in this section of the book on page 671.

Learn about the easiest technique to have the cannabis plant focus all of the plants energy on select flowering branches that result in heavy crystal covered buds. This is a way to get a fantastic high that does not make you nod, find out what it is on page 672.

See what to remove on a cannabis plant to make the bud potency explode and the harvest grow with pungent bud aroma on page 672.

Learn about topping, where to do it and how for great flavored potent buds that are 100 percent guaranteed with a completely illustrated guide on page 673.

Find out about perfect air flow and the right procedure by following a simple method that give buds more hairs and coated with trichomes on page 673.

See how to cause plants to grow even and short, which means being able to lower lights as close to the cannabis plants as possible without causing any burns to them. This means closer light, a larger harvest of potent crystal covered buds that have a great high and a pleasing taste. Read the complete guide for this system on page 675.

Find out everything you need to know about SCROGGING to have terrific yields with great buds on page 675.

Find out what supper cropping is to have huge yields with a modified method on page 675.

Learn the underground secret technique that will significantly increase the resin production without causing any problems. Caution: This is an easy method, but might not be healthy and is still in the experimental stage. Get all of the information with this cutting method on page 675.

Learn about bending and training for the most light exposure and for internal chemical alteration of the cannabis plant that will directly influence the yield. This method will produce buts that are dense, crisp and potent in a fully illustrated how to guide on page 676.

See what the first important step is to increase the cannabis yield and the level of THC potency and why it is crucial on page 654.

Find out how planting the seedlings wrong can cause the plants growth to be affected during all of the growth stages and why you must start the seedlings off right so the harvest and bud potency is not severely affected, learn what this is on page 691.

Learn to water the plants properly and it will affect the yield and potency of the crop, plus an exceptional aroma, taste and high. Find all the information about this on page 691.

Learn 6 tricks that are powerful and can produce high resin development in the cannabis plant, plus increase the harvest yield. These methods make such a large difference that will growers report how the dramatic the crystal covered buds and the yield has increased. Get all the information on these tricks on page 692.

Find out how to get bushy and higher production out of the cannabis plants on page 694.

See the scientific research that entails a secret method to enhance cannabis plant growth dramatically by using a specific genre of music. Find out why the sound waves increase the plants on page 694.

Learn about the secret to get a tremendous yield with one ingredient on page 696.

Want new ideas for cannabis plant growth? There are 4 techniques that have some growers backing them for optimum growth, see what they are on page 695.

Don’t overpay for bud, instead use this simple trick that can increase the cannabis plant growth and at the same time increase potency. This has been used by top growers, but there is a downside. The downside is it can only be used during vegetative growth, find out what this method is in detail on page 696.

Learn how ladybugs can help the growing cannabis crop on page 697.

Find out how to your harvest can be greatly increased, your plant grow faster and the quality be terrific with foliar feeding. This is a complete guide on how to use this technique correctly while avoiding danger like mold or other problems like over fertilization. This is a well detailed overview that will show the grower an ultimate nutrient mix that will create dense sticky resin covered buds. Learn how to wash the leaves for the best possible taste and what time of the day to do this and more beginning on page 697.

Learn about foliar feeding and the rewards that the indoor and outdoor grower can benefit from using the detailed how to foliar feed guide on page 704.

Find out what the new secret is that UK scientists have found with an energy generation device. This is a device that is laboratory tested and proven to speed growth by enhancing cellular level plant processes. Find out how easy this is, what the cost is and other information on page 705.

Understand why the roots are the foundation of the plant, learn how they can be bigger, which means bigger resin covered buds fast using this technique. This is not an easy technique, but there is the step by step guide that will make it so much easier to reap the rewards of big fat sticky buds with some practice on page 708.

Learn all you need to know about grow hormones and enhancing the cannabis plant with their manipulation to get top notch cannabis with a complete detailed guide on page 706.

Learn about an ancient herb that that will cause a growth surge that will produce more buds faster on page 708.

Find out what negative ion generators are to enhance growth and how they help destroy odors in the grow room on page 709.

I have read a lot of materials about growing marijuana but so far this e-book is the most comprehensive and the most sensible one. Firstly, it is written in an easy to understand format and each growing phase are fully covered without being superfluous. You will be hooked once you start reading it.




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