Outdoor Marijuana Light Needs

When you grow marijuana plants outdoor, you are giving your plants the all natural benefits of sunlight so you have to make sure that they get the needed exposure. But what exactly is an ideal sunlight exposure? Remember that your weed plants are not the only crops out there in the field or garden. There are trees and even other crops that can affect the way they receive light from the sun. Learn about the proper positioning of your cannabis plants so they get the most benefit from sunlight. Whether you are near the equator with long hot summer months or in colder climates, our e-book will tell you how to maximize outdoor light for your pot plants.

With this e-book I learned about some technical stuff in an easy to understand explanation. Things like degrees in latitude were unfamiliar to me as well as being far or near the equator. It really helped me a lot in terms of identifying the kind of weed strain I should grow outdoors.


Find out what to do before planting that is assured to produce a giant outdoor harvest on page 429.

Learn about the precise amount of hours that outdoor marijuana plants require every day if you want a great bud harvest on page 429.

Find out what the secret trick is to map the suns annual rotation pattern in the sky. This will allow the marijuana plants to get the maximum amount of light exposure through their entire growth. This is a simple trick that can mean a much larger harvest with heavy crystal covered buds, learn what it is on page 429.

Learn all about light and the growing location, this is essential for good plant growth. Find out what to do if you live 30 degrees latitude or more from the equator on page 430.

Find out the optimum time of year to grow outdoor marijuana plants for a heavy bud load on page 435.

Learn about the direction to plant crops for the best possible sun exposure that will enhance vegetation and increase bud development on page 430.

Learn a secret tip that can increase the yield by 10 percent, which takes approximately 10 minutes one time during the plants growth on page 430.

Learn all you need to know about starting the marijuana plants indoors for the outdoor crop, find out why it can make a significant difference, speed up growth and enhance the yield on page 435.

Find out how to avoid transplant shock, each time you transplant a crop of marijuana, which means no wasted time, learn what it is on page 436.

At first I thought that with growing cannabis outdoors, all I had to take care was watering and looking out for pest as well as fertilization because sunlight will naturally do its job. But after reading the book, I learned that there are ways to expose weed plants to better benefit from the sun and when it is time for them to be under a shade.




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