PH Levels For Pot Growing

When you grow marijuana in pots, one of the concerns that you must always be on top is the ph level of your soil. Too much ph is not good for your growing cannabis plants and the same is true with the lack of it. There are techniques to determine the actual ph level of your soil as well as remedies that you can apply in order to correct the deficiency or excess of acidity in your soil and they are all laid out in complete and easy to follow instructions in our e-book. No need to experiment because it may only lead to a disastrous result. Rely on how experts do it and buy the Growing Elite marijuana e-book.

With this e-book, I learned to spot the first signs when my soil ph level is not ideal. It also opened my eyes to approaches in proper nutrient feeding that will minimize acidity in soil that’s why it now seldom happens to me. This e-book is highly recommended to newbies like me.


This is a simple guide on the nutrients and how you can make sure that you’ll have the best smoke ever!

How to figure out the percentages with the nutrient and the ratios plus when you need to actually start using them. Page 183

Nitrogen. Discover everything that you need to know about it and how your plants might be affected by it and what they might need in order for it to stay healthy. Page 182

Learn about Phosphorus. Page 182

A quick guide about Potassium. Page 183

Learn about micro nutrients, and find out in great details about growing buds so that they are sweet and light. Page 184

Find out what micro nutrients you need to use so that it helps to enhance the resin production. It’s very easy and simple. Page 186

Learn how to use the organic fertilizer bundle that has the NPK values in it. Page 185

CAUTION: Newbies often times make a big mistake when they start to feed the plants. Find out what not to do with feeding them so it

How to feed the marijuana plant so that everything is great when you’re smoking it and things don’t end up turning into a smell that could be deadly. Page 186

Find out what things you need to buy in order to feed your plants and what you need to grow so that the flavor is out of this world. Page 186

Discover the ingredient that is secret and powerful for what you’re wanting the harvest to yield and for the potency to be revealed. Page 186

Learn everything you need to know about worm castings and why this could benefit the soil growth with the cannabis. Page 187

Save money with making your very own worm casting. Page 188

A quick and easy guide with making worm casting tea, also known as Marijuana steroid water. Page 191

I used to have ph metering gadget to determine the ph level of my soil but when it broke down, I didn’t know what to do anymore. I bought this e-book to finally learn how to maintain ideal ph level for my marijuana plants and now I can tell when its high or just about right.




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