Plant Watering For Cannabis

Just like sunlight or lighting in case of indoor marijuana growing, water also plays an indispensable part in the growth of weed plants. Aside from refreshing the plants when you shower them, it is also thorough water that nutrients are mixed to feed your cannabis plants. You need to know that there are different watering needs of ganja plants depending on the growing system used. This is basically true in comparing indoor to outdoor growing watering needs. Find out how you can effectively water your marijuana plants in both indoor and outdoor set-up by buying and reading our e-book.

I always knew about watering needs of my marijuana plants but didn’t expect that I could learn more by reading this e-book. I know now why my indoor plants need more light especially when I’m using HID lamps. The tips in this book are very useful and just keep learning from it.


Learn about the proper amount of water, by using a simple technique to determine how much the plants need on page 191.

Learn when to water the cannabis plants to grow gust that have a great high, not a nodding type of high on page 192.

Find out what the most important thing to do the first time the cannabis plants are waters to make watering beneficial every time the plants are watered on page 192.

Learn about watering and light sources, plus know how to avoid mistakes that can be fatal, because the bulbs can shatter, throwing shards of glass if even a drop of water touches them. Find out how to be successful at watering cannabis plants on page 193.

Learn one of the most significant tricks to know when the cannabis plants need to be watered on page 193.

Find out what drooping plant leaves mean, which cause many growers to stress out, learn how to tell if the cannabis plant is over watered or under watered using an easy technique on page 193.

Learn about the water temperature to use on cannabis plants that won’t harshly affect the growth. Is it hot, warm or ice cold, that produces sticky resin covered buds that produce a lengthy high on page 193.

Find out who tap water with chlorine can affect the cannabis plant and learn about how safe it is on page 193.

Learn the right way to water cannabis plants, which can especially help the new grower that often causes their plants to suffer by over watering them. This is a perfect method to get it right every time on page 194.

Find out what the “lift the pot technique” is on page 194.

Find out what causes drooping plants and what to do for a sticky light bud on page 194.

Learn what elite cannabis is and why you need to use elite water that expert growers claim is the best on page 196.

Learn about the difficulties that can occur using tap water and if you want a even come down on page 196.

Find out about using reverse osmosis on page 197.

Learn about using distilled water and why growers use it to have dense sticky buds on page 199.

Find out how dissolved nutrient uptake and how they affect the cannabis plant on page 200.

Learn about purified water on page 199.

Get water the right temperature every time, learn how to do it on page 199.

Been growing weed for some time now and I can say I have my own expertise and didn’t want nobody’s advice on how to do it. It all changed when I chanced about this book and bought it at a discounted price. I don’t want to admit at first but all the mistakes I made in the past about watering should have been avoided if only I got hold of this cannabis e-book a lot earlier.




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